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Welcome to the official website of the Vanuatu Netball Association. 

2009 was a year of great achievement for netball in Vanuatu.  Our girls participated in the World Youth Netball Championship in Cook Island and returned triumphant with a wealth of new skills and tactics. Nationally trained, our girls were put to a test against the best in the world.  Although we did not feature well in the ranks, but for most - it was an eye opener, a chance to learn and better one's self.  Then there was the Vanuatu Games which was the highlight of the year with Port Vila taking the gold medal, and followed by a visit from our friends from the Heights Netball Club, from Melbourne, Australia.

The VNA committee also changed hands in December 2009 with hopes to improve on the successes of the previous committee.  I take this opportunity to thank outgoing President Eileen Nganga and her team for all their hard work and dedication. We can only build upon the solid foundation of their achievements and take netball to greater levels - a challenge that the new team will take head on.

Various programs have been carried out by our Development team Sarah and Beverly with schools and communities.  As a result, this was seen in the expansion of the Port Vila Netball competition to include schools. Shefa will expand also to include schools competition in 2010 in addition to its current Mixed-Netball league. We hope to see similar results from our fellow members in Santo. The success of the program to date has largely been the efforts of our hard working duo and the financial support from our sponsors - NZAid, AYAD, ASOP (AusAid), Government of Vanuatu and the business community.

We continue to learn and prosper as we grow as a mainstream sport in Vanuatu.  Therefore the participation of netball in our communities has never before become necessary. With escalating social issues in our society, Netball Vanuatu is taking a different turn by embracing our community in a participatory approach.  Our development program is channeled through schools and villages placing emphasis on young talented and aspiring netballers regardless of gender.  However, like any other developmental effort, we face many constraints along the way.

I am confident that there are exciting times ahead of netball, if we equip this Association with the right tools. These come in the form of solid support to the development program, a unified administration team and a shared vision.  As new Head of Netball we invite the Government of Vanuatu, donor agencies, the Business community and the people of Vanuatu to join us in growing this exciting sport and giving our children another choice in their future.

Thank you for your support and assistance and we look forward to working with you again this year.  Please do not hesitate to contact us, our development team or drop in to the netball centre to find out how you can participate with us.

Yours in netball

Jeanette Yiu Hing

Direct contact:
Ph:  +678 7749547

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