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Force 5 Basketball Club

Based out of Betio, Force 5 Basketball Club (known simply as Force 5) was started in 2010 under the guidance of then Coach George Kum Kee Jr. What started out as a get together of high school buddies soon expanded to become one of the more active clubs in the country. Force 5 participates in the senior competitions or competes in Division 1 level with some of its players being the youngest players in Division 1. Force 5 has the youthful feel to its management while the rest of the clubs have a more seasoned look. There is alot of potential in the growth of its membership due to its locality as it is based out of an area that has a very high population density comparable to Hong Kong. Force 5 is normally based out of the Betio Sports Complex. The only indoor sporting facility in the country.

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Bairiki Basketball Club

The town of Bairiki on Tarawa, is where all the action is happening in terms of business and matters of Government. It is also where all the sports facilities are located. It is the centre of the Republic, however, in basketball Bairiki has remained quiet. Bairiki used to be richest in talent in basketball churning out national reps in the sport but unfortunately this has not been the case.

Thanks to the efforts of the new key people living in the area, basketball is now on a resurgence in Bairiki with an abundance and multitutde of raw talent to chose from. The key people now involved in the club include:

Presient Allie Johnnie

Vice President Tekaai Atarake 

Secretary Atiino Baraniko

Treasurer Aranteiti Tekiau

Member Monoo Mweretaka

Member Torube 

There is alot of new camraderie in this new outfit and the KBF is sure that they would be able to take basketball in Bairiki to a new level.

Bairiki will rise from the ashes and will dominate the basketball scene again!

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Teaoraereke Basketball Club

The brain child of former NBDO, National Rep and now Seafarer Aneeti Tiaon, the Teaoraereke Basketball Club is a small club comprising of 4 mens team. The club recently formulated itself into a structure and have also elected an Executive Committee:

President:  Kabutitaake Tawaia

Secretary: Arobati. Kaetau

Treasurer: Kiaman Taakee

Messenger: Kautu Kaono

Mr Aneeti Tiaon assists in an advisory role to the executive.

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Bikenibeu Basketball Club

Bikenibeu BC is based at the Santa Maria courts in Bikenibeu. The club holds regular competitions and often invites other clubs to participate in their competitions. Bikenibeu Basketball Club is home to the famed Bikenibeu Dreams aka Bik-Dreams the current champions in Basketball tournaments around Tarawa. The president Aroito Tetuai and his committee are planning competitions in the months to come

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Temwaiku United Basketball Association (TUBA)

The name TUBA is an abbreviation for Temwaiku United Basketball Association. The association was setup way back in 2001 in the village of Temwaiku when they previously used the facilities of the then Chinese Satellite Tracking Station which had an international sized court. The name Temwaiku United was chosen at that time due to the fact that the association was based in Temwaiku and its players came from in and around Temwaiku, however, some players were from the nearby, hence the word United was inserted. Due to the departure of the Chinese and the dismantling of the Chinese Satellite Tracking Station and the use of the basketball court area for other purposes TUBA had to relocate and is currently based at the basketball facilities of the Government owned Nawerewere Central Hospital. TUBA is the furthest association to the eastern tip of Tarawa atoll. It does not own any facilities.

TUBA as an association has 3 mens teams and one womens team. The mens team all participate at National Federation level tournaments in 3 divisions, one, two and three. TUBA conducts mixed competitions, graded competitions and 3-on-3 competitions. Membership is around 80 - 100.

The current Executive of TUBA are:

President: Tanro Taitai

Vice President: Iotia Tatireta

Secretary: Otia Viane

Treasurer: Nenetita T Toare

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Notice Board

Board Meetings - Monthly

Friday 29th May, 2015

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1. 3X3 tournament (U12 boys and girls) - 16th May

2. H4H 3X3 tournament - 30th May

3. High Schools Basketball league

3. National Basketball Championship (in honor of independence day) - 6th June 

Development Work

1. School Holiday Break Training camp for U12 boys & girls

2. Refereeing and coaching workshops

3. Coaching clinics in Primary schools and secondary schools

4. Ministries H4H Lunctime session


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