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The Solomon Islands Baseball/Softball Federation was first established in the country at the end of 2001 when the baseball was introduced to us by the BCO Development officer, Mr Ray Brown. However, Softball was here a decade ago and that helped us alot with the arrival of the baseball game.

At the moment Baseball and Softball are administered under one national federation. This also applies to all the Provencial Associations which combine the two sports.

As a newly set up federation we are trying our best to reach the provinces especially with the High Schools. The SIBSF have received great interest in the game from few Provinces like Westhern Province, Makira, Ysabel and Central Province to name but few. Honiara Association has been set up and is taking care of the league while the N/ Federation looks after the High School competition.

Recently our baseball had gone out to the BCO U16 Qualifier in Sydney and the SP Games in Fiji on January and June/July this year respectively. We managed to get a Bronze medal at the BCO U16 Qualifier, and then came sixth at the South Pacific Games in Suva, Fiji.

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