Coach Education

Coach Education comes under two parts, PARTICIPATION and PERFORMANCE.
As part of Badminton Oceania's PARTICIPATION STRATEGY to develop grassroots community badminton as a popular sport in our region, we are utilising the BWF Shuttle Time Schools Badminton Programme.  The Shuttle Time Programme aims to helps teachers and coaches develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to plan and deliver safe and fun badminton lessons to children and youth.  The link above to the BWF website gives free access to resources  including Teachers Manual, Lesson Plans and Video Clips.
Oceania Badminton also support the Oceania Sport Education Program.  OSEP's Community Coach & Official Course has successfully been run in conjunction with Shuttle Time Teacher Training with participants undertaking a one day workshop, covering OSEP Pacific-based generic coaching information and badminton specific skills through the Shuttle Time resources.
As part of a PERFORMANCE STRATEGY Badminton Oceania is aligning with the BWF Coach Education system.  For more information on the BWF Coach Education Framework click here. The BWF Coach Education system contains Training/Coaching materials with the following characteristics:
  • are coach centred and competency based;
  • provide a learner pathway for coaches to build skills and knowledge over time;
  • cover the necessary core content at each level to build the knowledge and skill;
  • offer a range of optional content and supplementary resources and activities at each level;
  • integrate assessment tasks and activities to confirm coaches meet the required outcomes of the courses;
  • provide a credential or certificate to recognise achievement on courses.
BWF Coach Level 1 courses have been undertaken within the Oceania region.  More information and access to free resources of Coaches Manual and Video Clips are available via the above link to BWF website.
BWF Coach Level 2 resources are also available via the link to BWF website.
BWF Coach Level 3 and 4 are currently in development.

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