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Paddy Byrne - Coaching and Development Officer

The appointment of Paddy Byrne as Coaching &  Development Officer for West Coast Rugby League was made in November 2011. The  appointment was made possible by the combined contibutions of NZRL, Sport NZ, Sport Canterbury West Coast and the WCRL.  Support has also been forthcoming from Westland Milk Products.

The role is a first for the West Coast and is intended to drive the continued development of the game here consistent with the longstanding needs advanced by the WCRL, and more recently given strong emphasis by the NZRL.

The focus of the C & D Officer is Coaching and Officials Development and Fundamental Skills Development.  The programmes (both sport specific and generic) will be delivered in and for the local primary and secondary schools and also the rugby league clubs and referees.  

The broad outcomes sought are increases in playing numbers and teams, more qualified coaches and an improvement generally in the ball skills capabilities of youngsters participating in the programmes.



Profile of Paddy Byrne

Paddy came through the ranks of the Greymouth Marist RL club as player 1971/1983 representing West Coast from U15s to premiers.  He refereed 1984/1993 including 8 local grand finals and his many representative games included Canterbury v Queensland and a Junior Kiwis v Australia test.  From 1995 to 1998 Paddy coached Marist U18s and premiers and achieved Grand Final wins in both grades.

Paddy holds National referees  and coaching certificates.  He is based in Greymouth and may be contacted through WCRL or directly as follows:

Mobile: 021 288 6975       Email:

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Paddy Byrne will be holding a meeting on Tuesday 4th June at 7.30pm at Wingham Park for all Schoolboy refs and interested persons.

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