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JLT Game Day Checklist (Compulsory Game Day Form)


Scoring Sheet (generic)


Scoring Sheet (xls so you can customise)


Team & Scoring Sheet (.doc - Reccomended!)




No person under the age of 14 is to be on the field of play in any capacity i.e. water carrier, runner or goal umpire while a match is in progress; this is a responsibility of the zones. Should this be noticed or brought to the attention of the umpires, they are directed to stop play immediately and instruct the zone to have them removed from the field of play. Play is not to commence until this has been done.


1. Protective padding on Goal & Point posts. (Home or duty zone)

2. Qualified sports trainer/First Aid in attendance (Not playing). Home or duty zone can book through MAFQ.

3. Stretcher readily available. (Home or zone team)

4. No person under the age of 14 is to be on the field of play while a match is in progress in any capacity i.e. water carrier, runner, goal umpire etc while a match is in progress. (All zones)


Under no circumstances can any match commence or continue without the above four standard requirements. Umpires have been instructed to not start or continue matches by the AFLMQ management committee. Any match played contrary to these requirements many not be covered by the required insurances.

Sporting Pulse - SP Passport Login

To access your club's administration and game day requirements such a team sheets, and to upload match results and player statistics.

JLT INSURANCE - Certificate of Currency Search / Questionarie

Must be completed each year by anyone assessing field conditions and club management

JLT INSURANCE - Optional Personal Injury Insurance

An optional insurance which can be purchased by clubs to provide some additional protection for players

Team Sheets are complusory. Every Player must sign onto a Team Sheet for Every Match under the jersey number allocated. Teams Sheets must also be transfered into Sporting Pulse - FOOTYWEB within 3 days of every match by BOTH Teams, with scores uploaded by the HOME Team.  Sporting Pulse can print a tailored Team Sheet for every match. Sporting Pulse also gives clubs a simple way of tracking how many games are played by each member, best & fairest votes, and can track goals kicked during the season.

For more information on getting the most out of Sporting Pulse FOOTYWEB, contact AFL Masters Qld Registrar at



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President - Steve Burchill

Vice President - Jeff Nickson

Treasurer - Paul Magher

Registrar/Secretary - Arnold Keuker

Country Director - Maurie Soars

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