Coaching Touch Football

Active After-school Communities

The Australian Government's Active After-school Communities (AASC) program is a national initiative that provides primary school children with access to free sport and other structured physical activity programs in the after-school time slot of 3.00pm to 5.30pm.

The program aims to engage children in sport and other structured physical activities and through a positive and fun experience, developmore

Children in Touch Football

Too often children are pushed too hard to perform in sport before they are mentally or physically prepared for it. The world is full of potential quality athletes who gave away sport because they were burnt out during their teenage years.more

Coaching Kids

The aim of children's sport is to provide an opportunity to become involved in physical activity to promote immediate and long-term benefits for the participants. These benefits will be observed in terms of higher levels of fitness, better health, pleasurable social involvement and the satisfaction derived from skilled performance in individual and group activities.more

Play By The Rules

PLay By the rules brief for all coachesmore

Coaching Skills & The Role of the Coach

Coaching Skills As a coach you will need to develop many and varied skills. They may includemore

What sort of coach are you?

A coach who is knowledgeable, patient and understanding will assist players to improve their performance. Improvement in performance of the players must be used to assess the relative value of a coach, but sometimes this is not the whole story. Coaching often means more than improving a player's performancemore

Legal Responsibilities of a coach

Coaches need to be aware of their legal responsibilities, especially with respect to theadvice they give to players, and the way they manage and supervise participation in sport.more

Useful Coaching drills

Please click on the attached files for useful drills on Dynamic roll ball, attacking the line, acting half and defending the ruck.

These drills were delivered by appointed Australian Coaches to the coaches from around Australia who were attending the National Youth Championships. We hope you find them helpful.more

State Coaching Panel

If you have any thoughts for our state coaching Panel you can find their details by clicking the link belowmore
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