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Benefits of Affiliation.

If you are looking at becoming an officially affiliated club there are many benefts that come with this. Click here to see the comprehensive list that includes the AMRI services below:



Touch Football Australia

Affiliate Management Resource Initiative (AMRI)

A local Touch Football competition, club, association or region is a ‘shop front’ to the local community - the first place that customers go to experiance Touch Football. If that experience is enjoyable, exciting and value for money, they will shop again and encourage their friends to do the same. If they don’t enjoy the experience, the sport has lost a customer!

The Affiliate Management Resource Initiative (AMRI) is an initiative created by Touch Football Australia (TFA). The program contains a wide range of resources to assist the affiliate to improve towards implementing ‘best practice’ administration. The program is about affiliate development and provides an easy to use framework that will help to make continuous improvement a culture not a chore.

The AMRI has been designed to assist local competitions, clubs and associations of all sizes and locations, evaluate and improve how they run their competitions. Templates and checklists help the affiliate to identify areas of strength and those requiring improvement.

Summary of Topics available for WA Affiliates below:

Marketing Tool Kit 

Competition Assitance 

Sports TG Tip Sheets 

Communicator Assistance 

Member Protection Templates 




and so much more for all affiliates.


Be sure to check it out at this link: you will need your login details to get to this secure section.


AMRI Online

The Affiliate Management Resource has been developed with the goal of providing suggested procedures, templates, guidelines or various administrative documents to support affiliate management. It is our intent to provide this information in a hard copy version for all affiliates at the end of each year therefore updated annually from this point forward. The resources included are designed to save affiliates time and offer ideas, with the opportunity to create a better experience for the end participant of the sport.

The Affiliate Management Resource includes the latest TFA Annual Report, Strategic Plan and Game Plan Synopsis. Examples of other information available within the resource include the following;

  • TFA Constitution
  • Affiliate Management Resource Initiative
  • National Insurance Scheme
  • Play By the Rules and other Government Resources
  • Policies
  • SportingPulse related information
  • Targeted Growth Program
  • Coach and Referee Posters

For further enquiries regarding the AMRI resource and information, please contact TFA Nicola Wines on (02) 6212 2800 or email


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