Summer Comps 2018/2019


Albert Park Touch

Albert Park Touch Summer season start Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th October.

Contact Troy Rolle Phone: (03) 9681 3000 /


Ballarat Touch Association

Ballarat Touch Football summer competition starts Wednesday, 25th October 2017.

Contact Tim Cromb: 0413 379 429 / Email:


Bendigo Touch Association

Bendigo Touch Summer season start October 4th 2017.

Contact Shane Grenfell 0407 433 277 /

Website: www.bendigotouchfooty.sportingpulse.netmore

Borderline Touch Football Association - Yarrawonga

Borderline Touch Football Mixed Season starts on Monday 9th October (Come and Try) and 16th October for Round 1.

Contact Chris O'Neill 0438 584 272 /


Eastern Raptors Touch Association

Eastern Raptors Touch Summer season starts Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th October.

Contact Trent Ousley Phone: 0477 879 252 Email:


Elwood Park Touch

Elwood Park Touch Summer season start October 18th 2016.

Contact: Troy Rolle (03) 9681 3000 /


Fawkner Park Touch (South Yarra)

Fawkner Park Touch Summer season start Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th October 2017.

Contact Ian Leach Phone: (03) 9681 3000 /


Geelong Touch Association

Geelong Touch Association Summer season starts Monday 9th October for A/B Grade Competition and Wednesday 18th October for the Family Grade.

Contact Rohan Greaves Phone: 0439 493 576 /

Website: http://www.geelongtouch.sportingpulse.netmore

Hamilton Touch Football Association

Hamilton Touch Football Association's summer competition starts on Wednesday, 8th November 2017.

Contact Peter Foley 0425 792 680 /


Harlequins Touch Football (Harlequins Rugby Club, Ashwood)

The Harlequins Touch Football program for girls and boys aged 7 - 18 starts on Monday, 30 October 2017.



Mallee Touch Association (Mildura)

Mallee Touch Association Summer season starts Wednesday 11th

Contact Jeff Topp Phone: 0458 230 537 /


Melbourne Touch Football (formerly Parkville Touch)

Melbourne Touch Football season starts October 16th

Contact: Tom Brown 0413 253 363 /

Website: /

Mernda Dragons Touch Football

Mernda Dragons Touch Football Summer season starts Monday 13th November 2017.

Contact Matt Sheens: 0490 133 012 /


Miners Rugby League and Touch Football Association

Miners Rugby League and Touch Football Association is working to build a new competition set to begin in early 2018!

Contact: Troy at miners.rugbyleague@outlook.commore

Portland Touch Association

Portland Touch Summer season starts 5th October 2017

Contact: Wayne Edwards 0439 962 626 /


Princes Park Touch

Princes Park Touch Summer season start October 18th 2017.

Contact Pete Shaw 0414 315 957 /

Website: www.princesparktouch.commore

Robinvale Storm Touch Football

Robinvale Storm Touch Football season starts Thursday November 5th 2017

Contact: Akesa Kei 0497 267 786 /


Sale Touch

Sale Touch run a competition on Wednesday evenings.

Contact: Laurie Mobile: 0419 132 824 Email:

Playing Address:Stephenson Park, Guthries Parade, Sale

For further details please visit Sale website -


South Gippsland Touch Football

South Gippsland Touch Association are based out of Korumburra Secondary College for the 2018 Season.

Contact: Steven Santilli - stevensantilli@hotmail.commore

Warrnambool Touch Football

Warrnambool Touch Football Summer season start October 16th 2017.

Contact Ashley Pollock Phone: 0425 879 989 /


Westside Touch Association - Altona

Westside Touch Football Summer season start October 11th 2017.

Contact Kim Kennedy 0400 902 259 /


Wyndham Touch Association

Wyndham Touch Football's summer season starts Monday, 13th November 2017.

Contact Jarrod Buchanan 0417 814 781 /


Yarram Touch Association

Yarram Touch Association operates on Sundays in Summer at Devon North Recreation Reserve a few minutes north of Yarram. They can be contacted through their Facebook Page at
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