School Ambassador Program

We are seeking passionate, motivated and enthusiastic people to join our School Ambassador Program!

Touch Football Australia (TFA) values the contribution that school teachers, volunteers, community/affiliate members and representatives make to this sport around Australia. Without these people the sport of Touch Football would not be what it is today. TFA endeavors to identify and acknowledge these people through the School Ambassador Program.

What is the School Ambassador Program?

The School Ambassador Program has been developed to provide an opportunity for passionate and motivated individuals to assist TFA in the promotion, marketing and delivery of its many programs. The Program aims to identify and acknowledge the contribution that these individuals make to the sport of Touch Football. 

What is my role as a School Ambassador?

The role of the School Ambassador is to assist TFA to promote, market and deliver its many programs. School Ambassadors can greatly assist TFA by increasing the reach and consistency of its promotional campaigns, most importantly the promotion of TFA affiliated competitions.

School Ambassadors can also assist in the delivery of development opportunities for students through various Touch Football programs.

As part of the role of the School Ambassador, it is a requirement that each Ambassador complete Role Completion Surveys, which will be distributed once a Term, to outline to TFA how they contributed to the growth of the sport. This survey will be short and takes around 5 minutes.

What are some of the specific roles I can undertake as a School Ambassador?

The key roles TFA would like School Ambassadors to perform are;

  • Provision of development opportunities for students at their school
    • o   In school programs (incl. Sporting Schools) or school competitions
    • o   School teams compete at Touch Football events or affiliated competitions
  • Promotion of TFA affiliated competitions to students

Additionally, School Ambassadors can assist in the promotion of Touch Football through;

  • Promoting through social media
  • Speaking at school assemblies

What do I get as a School Ambassador?

School Ambassadors will be informed of all opportunities to become involved in Touch Football programs and activities.

All registered School Ambassadors will receive;

  • A NRL Touch Football polo shirt
  • Play for Life, Foundation and Talent Schools Resources (plus access to Dartfish TV)- these will assist in delivering Touch Football at your school
  • Access to ‘Affiliate Essentials’- this will assist in promoting local TFA Affiliated Competitions

School Ambassadors who perform the key roles as outlined above will receive a voucher to the TFA Online Shop. School Ambassadors can demonstrate the completion of the key roles by submitting the Role Completion Survey.

How do I register as a School Ambassador?

You can register as a School Ambassador by following the link below;

School Ambassador Registration Portal

I am already registered as a School Ambassador. Do I need to re-register?

No, if you have registered previously you do not need to register, however, if your details have changed please contact Anthony Jennings on the contact details below.

How do I get further information on the School Ambassador Program?

For further information on the School Ambassador Program, please contact School and Junior Services Manager, Anthony Jennings on or 02 6212 2820


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