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Play with confidence, you’re covered through affiliated sport!

The Albert Park Touch Football competition is a current member of Touch Football Victoria, who in turn are members of Touch Football Australia (TFA), the only Touch Football national organisation recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Government.

As a national sporting body, TFA has a structured model of unified management and is charged with leading in overall Touch Football’s leadership, management, administration and sport development. Your member fees contribute to this not-for-profit pursuit, to continue to grow the sport, build its profile and ensure it is a quality experience for those who are involved.

TFA’s primary aim in assisting affiliates is to provide them with the tools to guide them towards a position of self-sustainability in conjunction with our relevant partners. Along this path we provide affiliates with information, resources, competition assistance and training opportunities. We are entrusted with ensuring that our volunteers are provided with the most up-to-date education, training and resources to allow for continued development and retention.

To learn more about the broader aspects of the sport, visit the TFA website -

In protecting all of the affiliated members within Australia, TFA manages, negotiates, and controls annually the National Insurance Scheme.

Through this process, affiliated associations have the security and understanding that the national body will ensure they have continuous protection and coverage for the individuals who participate, the officials that control the game, the administrators and committee members who conduct competitions and finally all the volunteers who work at varying levels within the affiliated structure of the sport.

The full benefit and value of insurance is sometimes not easily recognised until a major incident or accident occurs that involves an individual, official or committee member. This is not unlike any other form of insurance; the exception in this case is that as a national body, TFA manages changes to the policy to maintain currency with industry requirements. In addition, claims are managed so large increases related to increase claims are evened out across the scheme ensuring stability with insurance related costs for local associations.  

To review the coverage available, we recommend all individuals to consider their personal circumstance and assess if additional external coverage is required outside of what is offered as part of membership to the affiliated structure of TFA.

To view policy related information, please visit the ‘Insurance’ section of the TFA website:


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