A Basketball Revolution

Why should the tall guys have all the fun? Everyone should be able to play above the rim. After years of frustration as a basketball player under 6 feet tall, Michael Clarke (from Perth, Australia) decided to do something about it and create a league where guards can post up, be on the receiving end of an alley-oop, and finish a drive to the hoop with a jam.  Michael has joined forces with Asia Pacific Sports Management Pte Ltd to bring the exciting new league to Singapore.

U6F Basketball, with its combination of variations to the traditional game, is an innovative competition for players under 6 feet tall. Here's the basic concept:

• players must be 182cm tall or less in bare feet

• the rings will be lowered to 9 feet

• a size 6 ball will be used

• a dunk is worth 3 points

• "illegal defence" is a violation much like in the NBA

These variations will level the playing field. They will effectively add a foot to each player’s height and allow them to grip the ball like the tall guys. A simple pleasure like dunking the ball during warm-ups will be given to players who, through no fault of their own, have been excluded from the most exciting aspects of the game until now.

This league is designed to be fast, high scoring, and encourage lots of dunking. It’s how basketball is meant to be played; rather than the slow, half-court basketball that is all too common these days. The league will be exciting to play in and watch. It will also provide a legitimate career path for players who are not able to maximize their potential in the traditional game.

There's basketball...And now there's U6F Basketball - Above the Rim for All!

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