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伊朗篮球教练Omid 亲身指导 7月1日起于高峰广场教你打球

(吉隆坡讯)国内外教练携手合作,在下个月1日开始于首邦高峰广场(Summit, USJ)开设篮球训练中心,全心全意培育篮球新秀,让大马年轻球员通过系统化的训练,提升球艺素质,建立正确的篮球理念,为强化球艺技术扎下根基。

这个篮球训练中心是设在首邦高峰广场4楼。来自亚洲冠军--伊朗的Omid Dadfarnia自资开设Worldwide Sport Agency Company 私人有限公司,为最小7岁到18岁的青少年推介篮球训练班课程。more

Learn from Iranian coach Omid personally at The Summit from 1st July

Kuala Lumpur: Domestic and international coaches will be working together to set up a basketball training centre at The Summit Subang USJ from 1st July. Aimed at training young basketball players with a strong commitment towards improving, this would aid in raising the quality of play among our young Malaysian basketballers. The coaching will also help ensure the right basketball methodology is imparted through the systematic training. This is to build up a strong foundation for further skill enhancement.more
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