Under 10 Tournament

The Penguin Basketball Association will be conducting an Under 10 tournament on Saturday 13th October & Sunday 14th October 2018.

Entry Fee is $130.00 (must be forwarded with team entry form if mailed).

A participation certificate will be presented to all children participating.
Maximum of 8 players per team to ensure fair and equitable participation.

All games will be played at the Penguin Basketball Stadium. If there are a high number of teams entered, Friday 12th October after 4pm may be required for local teams.

Clubs/Associations are to supply your own referee and bench person. (Referees will not be paid by Penguin – this is a matter of negotiation between teams and refs) All refs must wear appropriate umpiring uniform (Green top, or black and white) and we request they MUST have Level 0 or above accreditation.

Admission charge: $2 per person or $5 per family per day

Entries Close: Entry forms must be received by Monday 1st October, 2018.
No late entries accepted.

Entry forms can be emailed to greg@independentoils.com.au along with confirmation of payment process. Entry Fees must be received by mail by Monday 1st October, 2018.

Please visit the Penguin Blues website at http://www.penguinbasketball.comto get all the relevant information, including entry forms and playing rules.

Please specify if you team is experienced, average or beginners & we will try to equalise the competition & play teams at a similar level against each other.




  • Size 5 Ball
  • Basketball rings - lowered height (NWBU U10 Development Roster & BTas State U10 Tournament played at these heights also)
  • 4 x 10 minute quarters
  • 1 Time out per quarter
  • 1 minute break between quarters
  • 2 minutes at half time
  • 5 seconds in the key
  • No back court 
  • Foul shots to be taken closer than the foul line
  • Clock does not stop (excluding time outs)
  • Clock WILL stop in last 2 minutes (FIBA rules) if points difference is 5 or less
  • No 24 second clock
  • No zone defence
  • If point’s difference is greater than 15, coaches are to decide mutual outcome to maximize the enjoyment for both teams.
  • Maximum 8 players per team. It is expected that all players participating are given equal playing opportunities.
  • Teams are required to supply referee
  • Teams are required to supply bench person
  • Penguin Basketball Association reserves the right to change or alter rules of this tournament to maximize player participation and enjoyment. 
  • No finals
  • Children MUST be UNDER the age of 10 as at 31st December, 2018


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