Home Game Procedure

VJBL home game procedure

This procedure covers all of the activities associated with running VJBL home games at the Wallan Basketball Stadium. As of 2017 games are played on court 1 and 2 (if required). If there are more than 4 games being played at the stadium the canteen will be open and will be run by employees. The list of host responsibilities is listed on the next page and also in the rules of operation document. This provides instructions on what needs to occur specifically at Wallan stadium.  Any questions can be directed to the WBI representative chair on

Kire Grujevski- 0432610744 or

Shelly Thrum - 0437050373.

Floats/entry fees

Floats will be ready and available for door and the canteen to accept payment from spectators and team managers. Door entry is $3.00 for players and spectators over 12 years of age. The team charge is $55 per team. There should also be intervenue passes under the tray for people who want to move between venues. These need to be filled out to verify they have paid at another stadium. Players must pay at the stadium they are playing at. Each team must supply a door attendant for the hour prior to their game. In the event of 2 courts running the parent on crt 1 will complete their duty for 30-40 minutes prior to their game and the parent on crt 2 will man the door during game time.

Roles for setting up on Friday night

  • Ensure all pages are printed from email including scoresheets (double sided), coaches sign in sheets, timing regulations, venue status.
  • Set up tables near entrance door (court 1 or court 2) with price sheet (This is in the rep basketball pigeon hole), door money tin, scoresheets for players to sign and coaches sign in sheet
  • Check list off- Venue Status  
  • Set up score benches with score clocks and iPads (scoresheets will also be used as a back up) and shot clocks if necessary
  • Icepacs are kept in the first cupboard inside the store room.
  • There is a blood kit in the bottom of the first cupboard in storeroom if required
  •  At the completion of each game please photograph the computer screen or both sides of each score sheet and send to Shelly.
  • From the door tin organise payments for refs. $21 per ref, per game and leave a note under the tray in the box for Troy informing him of the amount paid to refs
  • At the completion of the night please ensure games have been uploaded (This should work automatically), Photograph the coaches’ sign in sheet and the venue status sheet and send to Shelly. These need to be sent to VJBL.
  • Before leaving please ensure stadium is tidy, float has been locked away in the office for treasurer, iPads are returned to the office for Sat, Score clocks are away and pricing sheet is back in the Rep basketball pigeon hole.
  •  There is a copy of the Rules of Operation in the Rep Pigeon hole in the office if required (please ensure these stay there)
  • Shelly  phone: 0437050373


The WBI referee coordinator will monitor the VJBL fixture and arrange referee’s as required for the number of scheduled games

Paying referee’s

Referee’s are paid out of the door float and paid $21 per game. Please record amount paid to each ref for treasurer

Canteen (If more than 4 home games)

If there are more than 4 home games there will be paid employees to run the canteen

Venue supervisor

We are required to have a venue supervisor who can listen to any issues that may arise and refer to the rules of operation for instructions. This will be Kire or Shelly when available. For games when Kire and Shelly are not available to be at Wallan there will be a roster of committee members that are able to act as court supervisors. Where possible there will be 2 people rostered on as court supervisors. See above for setting up and packing up on a Friday night.  There is a VJBL call out number in the rules of operations if further assistance is required




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