Home Game Procedure

VJBL home game procedure

This procedure covers all of the activities associated with running VJBL home games at the Wallan basketball stadium. As of 4th June 2013 games are played on court 1 and a trolley canteen is available for use. The list of host responsibilities is listed on the next page and also in the rules of operation document. This provides instructions on what needs to occur specifically at Wallan stadium.  Any questions can be directed to the WBI representative chair on – Evan Heywood on 0400559164.

Floats/entry fees

Floats will be ready and available in the safe in the office for door and the canteen to accept payment from spectators and team managers. Door entry is $3.00 for players and spectators over 12 years of age. The team charge is $55 per team. There should also be an orange card under the tray for people who want to move between venues that we need to be fill out to verify they have paid. There is also an instruction sheet of companion cards and how they are handled.

What needs to be put out

We need to put out the direction arrow, time clock and timing instructions. A copy of the rules of operation is available in the office in the rep pigeon hole

Entering scores on VJBL website

Ideally scores are entered at the conclusion of the game. The internet connection can be a bit unstable(if you see red lights) but can be reset by resetting the button on the back of the modem. To enter the scores:

  1. Log onto www.vjbl.com.au
  2. Select enter online results from bottom of the web page
  3. A new window will open and enter : username of venuewallan and password panthers then login
  4. The date range of the next page is usually OK so then press show matches
  5. This will list scheduled games and choose enter results next to the relevant game
  6. Enter the scores and the result (win, loss or draw) for each team carefully then save
  7. To repeat for another game go back to match list at top and select show matches
  8. Once a score has been successfully entered a time/date stamp will appear for the game under last updated
  9. Once scores are all updated then logout at the top right.


The WBI referee coordinator will monitor the VJBL fixture and arrange referee’s as required for the number of scheduled games

Paying referee’s

Referee’s are paid out of the door float and paid $21 per game. There is a sheet in the door float to fill out confirming the names of who has been paid.

Canteen -  under discussion

Given the increase in numbers of home games per night a committee has been formed to improve the use of canteen facilities for games. Outputs to be shared in the near future.

Posting scoresheets

Completed scoresheets are to be copied then placed in the pre-addressed envelopes in the office ready for posting.

Venue supervisor

We are required to have a venue supervisor who can listen to any issues that may arise and refer to the rules of operation for instructions. It is suggested that this be the team manager of the Wallan team that is playing at the time. There is a VJBL call out number in the rules of operations if further assistance is required

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