For Domestic games Wallan Basketball follows the Basketball Victoria Tribunal By-laws. These by-laws, attached, detail the process of reporting, hearing and actions resulting from an offence. The appeals process is also included and will be restated during each tribunal hearing.

The tribunal will be heard by the Wallan Basketball Executive Committee with a quorum of 3 members present.

The Tribunal shall have power to suspend, disqualify, reprimand, fine, bond, ban or otherwise deal with any person involved with basketball (including, but not limited to players, coaches, teams, clubs, officials other than referees, umpires and accredited scoretable officials, or spectators) in accordance with these By-laws, regarding any incident arising from an activity conducted by the organising bodies. 

The incident may have occurred before, during or after the conduct of the activity, within the confines of the stadium, activity venue or its immediate surrounds or elsewhere if directly related to a basketball activity of any sort.  Reportable conduct also includes conduct relating to basketball which occurs by email, telephone or computer and includes cyber bullying.

For VJBL games offences are heard by the VJBL Tribunal.

Basketball Victoria Tribunal By-Laws

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