Social Media Policy


The purpose of this Social Media Policy is to provide guidelines for the use of social media site like Facebook and Twitter by all members of the Wallan Basketball Association. Members include players, coaches and committee members. It relates specifically to the use of social media to make comment in a context that is identifiable as being in relation to Wallan Basketball club. This includes comments or implied comments regarding:

  • Games or Association events
  • Team or player performance 
  • Individuals with a direct context or mention of their role with Wallan Basketball Association such as officials and referees. 
  • Wallan Basketball Association as an Association
Use of Social Media

Social media is no different than a live microphone. What you post will be broadcast across a wide audience and therefore you must be mindful of how your comments will be interpreted by more than just your closest friends.  
You must be prepared for your posts to be seen by the persons you are referring to, your team mates, your players, your coach, parents, siblings and of course the committee. Telstra’s latest Cyber-­‐Safety research reveals that more than a quarter of Australian bosses are starting to use social networking sites to screen job candidates, with almost half of these employers admitting to turning away prospects based on something they’ve seen on sites like Facebook or Twitter.

WBI Social Media -­‐ Code of Conduct Requirements
  1. All comments, notes or photos posted on social media sites in relation to the Wallan Basketball Association and its members are to be constructive or positive in their nature.  
  2. Always ensure that you do not post material that is vulgar, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or hateful

WBI Social Media – Code of Conduct Guidelines:

  1. It is your responsibility to be respectful at all times on social media. You are expected to show the same respect and regard for people that you would when playing, officiating or attending a basketball game.

  2. Do not use social media to be critical of teammates, coaches, officials, administrators, volunteers or spectators. Negative comments and images, bullying, criticism and sexist remarks can be dangerous and harmful to people’s wellbeing and reputation and the image of individuals and Wallan Basketball Association.

  3. Always assume the person you are talking or writing about will see what has been said or written. Ensure all comments are factually correct.

  4. Use social media as a positive outlet to promote players, teammates, teams, clubs and others involved in basketball. Wallan Basketball Association has a page on Facebook for members to interact with. Posting results and acknowledging individual and team performances on social media makes many people aware of team and individual achievements. That can have a positive effect for many people and should be used, encouraged and embraced wherever and whenever possible.

  5. Do not tolerate or condone poor social media behaviour or actions. If you are aware of or observe poor social media behaviour or actions, do not acceptit. There is no place for it in basketball and it will not be condoned. You should remind people of their responsibilities when using social media and warn that action can be taken against them. In the instance of minors breaching the code of conduct, alert their parents to the situation. If you believe the breach is serious, report it to team, club or association officials.

  6. Manage your account appropriately. Please consider you settings and account options to better control who can access and see your comments. If you are a coach it is reasonable to expect your players will look for your Facebook page and be reading your comments if you have not set up your settings to block this. This will potentially damage your relationship with your players and in turn your ability to get the best from them.



Your actions on social media may have serious consequences. Negative comments and images, bullying, criticism and sexist or derogatory remarks not only impact negatively on the people they are about, they reflect badly on yourself, your parents and the people you represent. If you are found to have acted improperly on social media by breaching any of the WBI code of conduct requirements or guidelines above regarding a basketball related matter, you will be required to face a hearing of the WBI Executive or WBI Tribunal to explain your actions. Through such hearings, disciplinary action may be imposed such as suspension or deregistration from the Association.

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