If you have any queries that are not answered below, please visit support.sportingpulseinternational.com.

Q. Will FIBA Organizer work with Windows Vista and Windows 7?
A. Yes. If you have any queries at all, please visit support.sportingpulseinternational.com.

Q. How do I obtain a FIBA Organizer License?
A. To request your license please sign up to SportingPulse Passport and then fill out a license request

Q. What is SportingPulse Passport?
A. SP Passport is a single sign in that links you to all the things you do in the SportingPulse Network. For more information visit https://passport.sportingpulse.com/login/

Q. Who do I contact if I need help with the program?
A. FIBA Organizer support is managed by SportingPulse, through their support site support.sportingpulseinternational.com

Q. English is not my first language, is FIBA Organizer available in other languages?
A. FIBA Organizer is also available in French and Spanish.

Q. Our organisation already has an established IT infrastructure but we would also like to also use FIBA Organizer in conjunction with this. Is it possible to use both systems in co-operation?
A. Yes it is. Many organisations use FIBA Organizer in co-operation with other systems. To discuss this in more detail please submit a request at support.sportingpulseinternational.com.

Q. How do I give feedback for future enhancements to the program?
A. All enhancement requests can be sent to support@sportingpulseinternational.com.

Q. Can I get a domain name with my FIBA Organizer Website?
A. Yes, if you have your own domain name, you can point this to your FIBA Organizer Website. Alternately, you can register a default domain such as league.sportingpulse.net.

Q. I already have all of my members/players records in another system, how do I get this into FIBA Organizer without having to re-enter them all?
A. FIBA Organizer has a MS Excel Member import function. So if you can get your players/licenses into MS Excel format, you can import them directly into FIBA Organizer to update your database in that way. SportingPulse can also perform manual database conversions/migrations for more complex tasks. Leave a request at support.sportingpulseinternational.com for this.

Q. I currently use a live stats program to capture stats, can I import these directly into FIBA Organizer?
A. FIBA Is currently developing a Live statistics program and you will be informed as soon as it is available. It will also be available at no cost. Both the FIBA Organizer and the FIBA Live Statistics Software contain interfaces to other 3rd party applications. If you have any further queries please contact support@sportingpulseinternational.com.

Q. I run a professional League and use another program to generate my complex schedule, can I import this directly into FIBA Organizer?
A. Yes you can. FIBA Organizer will accept schedule imports via MS Excel. So if you can get your schedule into Excel format, you will be able to import it in this way.

Q. Who uses FIBA Organizer?
A. Generally FIBA Organizer is used by a League, as it's purpose is to help run a league's competitions and membership data. However, because it holds coach and referee information (accreditation details etc) federations that don't run a league or any tournaments can use FIBA Organizer to manage this information nationally. Generally a separate database to the league or tournament database will be setup by the federation to manage coaches, and one for referees, entailing all coaches and referees in the country and the accreditation level they are at.

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