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Standings Design

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2:47 PM, Tue Apr 28 2009
Standings Design
Hi everyone,

Just wondering if it is possible to use the FIBA Rules when determining standings in FIBA Organizer. I cannot find any way to incorporate head to head type situations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If it is not possible, does anyone know of a macro in excel (or any other program) that can determine standings based on the FIBA rules.

Thanks in advance,

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5:17 PM, Tue Apr 28 2009
RE: Standings Design
Hey Stu

Good question. The answer is yes and no. No, FIBA Organizer will not automatically sort your standings based on head to head, however, YES it will give you the required information to determine this yourself.

To do this, in Daily Admin > Standings, select the competition and multiple select (ctrl-click) the teams in question, then right-click and select 'Head to Head Games'.

A box will then pop up to show you all of the games between the teams you selected, and an aggregated summary of these games for each team also, allowing you to deduct who finishes higher.

...from there, you can manually move the teams up/down by also right-clicking them in the standings. If you do this, make a note not to rebuild the standings afterwards, as it will revert the teams back to their original positions.

Let us know if you need more clarification on this.


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11:52 PM, Tue Apr 28 2009
RE: RE: Standings Design
Hey Sam,

Thanks for that, it was really helpful. Just wondering if this forum will also cover other aspects of SportingPulse, such as the Online Membership Database, Live Stats, etc.
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3:23 PM, Mon May 4 2009
RE: ... RE: Standings Design
Hi again Stu - yep feel free to post any queries at all about those programs on this forum. I'll get back to you shortly on your query regarding player numbers.
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