Sep 5th Results - Club Race

Race: Club Race         5th September 2009
Class: 16 Ft Skiffs      
Boat Name & Skipper Sail No. Handicap Scratch Time Handicap Time Scratch Place H'cap Place
Aristocrat (Craig Taylor)            
BGN (Geoff Hawgood)            
Four-Three (Matt Lucas)            
LMA (L Thorburn)            
Total Spank (M Newton)            
Boat Name & Skipper Sail No. Handicap Scratch Time Handicap Time Scratch Place H'cap Place
Alarm Clock (Jim Sloan) 179515 7 1:51:26 1:44:26 3 3
Another Good Question (Dave Collecott) 187899 scr 1:40:12 1:40:12 1 1
Bubbles (Sacha Hawgood) 115978          
Dragon Fly (Andrew Nguyen) 141891          
Flashback (Steve Geck) 152876          
Gutbusta Too (Rob Lovett) 184227          
Happy Harry 2 (Sybille Roger) 145511          
Intrusion II (F. Priesler) 158850 23 2:32:09 2:09:09 6 6
Just Try Me (Mackay) 15          
Keri Craig (Peter Craig) 192650          
Meditrina (Christine Bridge) 191649          
Nilly Willy (Lawrie Wood) 182972          
Revival (Tony Kyle) 158874          
Rough Red (Cliff Haytor) 140211 11 DNF   DNF DNF
Scatter 2 (Nigel Vallette) 135346          
Arrested Development (Tim Condon) 186668 1 1:49:28 1:48:28 2 4
Sharky (Michael Parker) 132537          
Surprise (Lewie Thatcher) 184713 11 1:54:28 1:43:28 4 2
Woteva (Karl Von Richter) 193025          
Willach (Mackay) 155678 16 2:28:03 2:12:03 5 5
Boat Name & Skipper Sail No. Handicap Scratch Time Handicap Time Scratch Place H'cap Place
Blue (Ralph Wilson) Blank          
Caps (Bruce Wallace) 169411 12 2:08:34 1:56:34 6 6
Shag-U-Laser (Andrew Wiklund) 167095          
Frumious Bandersnatch (Steve O'Brien) 168171          
Green Machine (Andrew Brown) 32366 22 DNF   DNF DNF
Just Try Me (Club Laser) 1528          
Mojo (Chris Connell) 177787 5 1:48:28 1:43:28 4 3
Pearl (Dave Harrison) 177103          
Dharma (Peter Fell) 180187 2 1:48:16 1:46:16 3 4
Rocking Chair (Michael Wilson) 11 or 185821 scr 1:36:53 1:36:53 1 1
Sails Pitch (Rob Higgs) 177099 (X)          
Slippery (Peter Macarthur) 167141 8 2:00:53 1:52:53 5 5
The Shocker (Mal Blackley) 154326          
User Friendly (Rob Bridge) 152884          
VPF (John Blight) 177093          
VPF Blue (Dan Blight) 193137          
Vida Loca 178641          
Whatever (Frank Benson) 174337          
Willach (Ken Reed) 137530          
Wind Shadow (Jeremy Manders) 184241 2 1:43:46 1:41:46 2 2
Coconut Telegraph (Bill Ker) 166794          
Class: 125
Boat Name & Skipper Sail No. Handicap Scratch Time Handicap Time Scratch Place H'cap Place
Accelerando (Will Turner) 3083          
Apollo (Angus Morrison) 3117 20 1:59:37 1:39:37 1 1
Chemically Enhanced (Oliver Burgess) 3042 14 2:34:13 2:20:13 3 3
J (Doug Brewer) 3125          
No Mans Land (J Miles) 3101          
Oddly Enough (Vicky Callow) 3157 15 2:22:07 2:07:07 2 2
Osterly (Hannah Ruedinger) 3159          
Pizzicato (S Johnson) 3089          
Shake N' Bake (Tim Robba) 3167          
She Waits For No Man (D Miles) 3082          
Skylark () 3116          
The Feel Good Shift of the Summer (J Trefu) 3115          
Waterloo (John Anderson) 3121          
Xhiler8 () 3101          

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"Try Sailing Day"

Sun 25th Nov 2018

No prior sailing experience is required. The focus will be on fun as participants are given the opportunity to meet young sailors who already enjoy sailing as a sport, starting with club racing and with the potential to progress to state and national championships, and maybe one day the Olympics. They will learn about the Sabot class as a great introductory boat for junior sailors, either 2 up in the boat at entry level and then 1 up though to around 15 years of age. The registered kids will get to experience on-water sailing activities with expert instructors to give them a taste of just how much fun it can be to master the basic skills of sailing. There will be a free sausage sizzle for participants.

To register for particaption in Try Sailing Day, use the link below

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Skiffies & Yachties Lunch 

Fri 7th Dec from 12.00pm

Guest Speaker: Michael Job

Brisbane Sailing Squadron wishes to invite past and present sailors to the 19th annual gentleman's lunch at the clubhouse on Fri 7th Dec from 12.00pm, costing $85 per head. This years event will include Michael Job as guest speaker and all funds raised from this event will be used to support junior sailing. For full details and RSVP contact details please see the flyer link below.

2018 Skiffies and Yachties Lunch


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