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The Women & Girls in Sailing website is dedicated to you - female sailors and potential female sailors in Victoria, whether it be in keelboats or dinghies. Its purpose is to help you get sailing, enjoy sailing and keep sailing!

The Women & Girls in Sailing program was initiated by the Yachting Victoria Women & Girls In Sailing Committee (WGISC) in 2012. The group are working to:

  • Increase female membership of, and participation in, clubs – from sailing to race management to club leadership and management
  • Encourage girls to take up and continue in the sport through support of GreenFleet, training camps, girl school sailing and regattas
  • Promote female keelboat and off the beach sailing with new initiatives for Learn to Sail courses targeted at females
  • Set up a network of WGIS club representatives

The program aligns with Yachting Victoria’s mission 'to have more people participating more successfully, and enjoying boating and sailing at our member organizations' through -

  • Providing input and assistance with the Vic Health Women & Girls in Sailing program
  • Assisting with educating the sailing community in regards to awareness for sexual harassment, anti-discrimination, violence against women awareness
  • Sourcing funding opportunities
  • Eliminating barriers to entry to the sport
  • Supporting Pilot projects such as Green Fleet sailing and Introduction to Keelboat courses
  • Implementing the Women’s Participation Plan in the YV Strategic Plan
  • Participation programs and initiatives
  • Identifying ‘Female friendly Club Contacts’ as a contact for women new to the sport and women currently in the sport
  • The promotion of events; both social and racing
  • YV to develop a sense of shared objectives across the clubs and other stakeholders for the best interests of the sport
  • Sharing ‘best practice’ across clubs, classes and those that deliver the sport.

 For more information, contact us at sue.phillips@sailing.org.au



In 2012 Yachting Victoria conducted research locally with groups of current female sailors and current female non-sailors about the sport.  Please find results below as both summary and full report for each group.

YV 2012 Current female sailor survey - summary

YV 2012 Current female sailor survey - full report

YV 2012 Current Non sailing female survey - summary

YV 2012 Current Non sailing female - full report

Further research was conducted in 2015.

WGIS Research 2015


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