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2018 Australian Youth Championships

11-15 January 2018 Australian Youth Championships

Venue: Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron 








SI Amendment No 6

⛵ SI Amendment No 5

 SI Amendment No 4

 SI Amendment No. 3

⛵ Notice to Competitors No 2

 SI Amendment No 2

⛵ SI Amendment No 1 

⛵ Notice to Competitors No 1 - International Jury

 NOR Amendment No 1 - Oceania Nacra 15 and Bic Techno

 NOR Amendment No 2 - Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial 

NOR Amendment No 3 - Bic Techno Plus and Bic Techno 293

 NOR Amendment No 4 - International Jury

⛵ NOR Amendment No 5 - Qualification Subsequent Event

⛵ NOR Amendment No 6 - Kiteboards

NOR Amendment No 7 - Schedule

⛵ NOR Amendment No 8 

 SI Standard Penalties

 Rule 42 Most Common Breaches a guide to judges and sailors

Race Management Policy for the 2018 Australian Youth Champs 

⛵ WS Indentification on Sails Policy Appendix

⛵ ASADA - All first-time competitors attending their first Australian Youth Championships are required to complete the online ASADA Level One Anti-Doping Course.  If you are unsure if you have completed the eLearning module please contact Lesley Fasala who can confirm your name on the ASADA List.  Overseas competitors are not required to complete the ASADA eLearning module.


Competitors are required to pick up from the Measurement team an Equipment Limitation form and stickers before coming to registration.  Direction on the form explains how to use the sticker and where to place them plus record serial numbers of boat parts if required, all sails shall require the youth champs stamp on all sails for the regatta.  Once completed the form and sails are stamped please bring the equipment limitation form and unused stickers to registration.  Rigging Lawn 3 (shown in Manly Summer of Sailing Handbook).


Regatta Office is located at the RQYS Sailing Department 0800 hrs – Close of Protest time limits1


Competitor Briefing will be held on the 11 January @ 1800 hrs followed by the Welcoming function @ 1830 hrs.


First coaches briefing shall be held on the 12 January 2018 @ 1000hrs, from this briefing a time will be decided for the remainder of the regatta.


Registration opens on the 10 January 2018 from 1300 – 1700 hrs and 11 January from 1000 – 1800 hrs 


29ers and Boards drop-off will be at the end of Davenport Drive at the designated trailer, 9er and board drop-off gate (shown in Manly Summer of Sailing Handbook).
All other classes will be via the boat drop-off opposite the administration building, in the main carpark (shown in Manly Summer of Sailing Handbook).



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