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The OCTOBER Long Weekend Sep30-Oct 1-2

This is it! More than a regatta. It is the gathering of the CATAMARAN clan for a festival of fun, music, footy,

food and sailing all mixed in together. This is the 46th running of the Forster Wildcat Regatta.

Yeah- we’re all show-offs and addicted to speed. Give me a screaming reach and a Hollywood finish. Then

reload and give me some more. When the race is over I’ll race you back to shore flying a hull as high as possible.

Then turn up the music and let’s meet old friends and make new ones along the way- we’re cat sailors and

that’s how we do it! Fire up the BBQ and grab the deck chairs. The Sunday roast is on and the beer is cold.

We’re watching the footy finals, and music on the big screen all weekend. Meanwhile the kids are having a

great time runnin’ on the grass and playing in the water with their friends.

The Capulets are returning in 2017 to play on Saturday afternoon after racing and playing into the early evening

as the sun goes down.

The F18’s are also back for their round of the 2017-2018 Travellers Series. Everyone is in on the action and those

who are aren’t truly know that they are missing out on some serious fun and epic racing.

Let’s talk about today and laugh about tomorrow while the sun sets over the water. As I begin to re-hydrate I

think about getting out of the wet gear and heading for a hot shower. I can see hot pasta, those tasty Kranskys

and hamburgers lined up at the bar. There is more laughter than talk and I’m lovin’ it. I’ve been here two nights

and it feels like a holiday already.

It’s the Wildcat Sept 30-Oct 1-2

Briefing 1130 Saturday racing from 1300

The Capulets are back- Playing on Saturday afternoon

Sunday racing from 1000

Sunday Roast Dinner- Grand final Big Screen

Monday racing from 1000

Presentation at 2.30pm


 Find the Sailing instructions at the bottom of the page.


Details: Great Lakes Sailing Club- Wallis Lake Forster.

Camping from 1200 Friday 29th September- 1200 Tuesday 3rd October

Fees $110 per entrant- includes racing and camping fees and NSW NP access fees.

Bank Details GREAT LAKES SAILING CLUB BSB 062540 Account 00900359


Please include your payment details on the entry from. Thanks.

Accommodation at the CLUB HOUSE or check out http://www.greatlakes.org.au, and Booti Booti NP (4km South)

www.greatlakessailingclub.yachting.org.au http://www.facebook.com/greatlakessailingclub


Please remember that the GLSC is a licensed venue please do not BYO alcohol into the licensed area. We

support local junior sailing and we reckon we put on a regatta that’s heaps of fun. So don’t forget to

support the club. Be a responsible camper. Keep your site compact so we all can enjoy the Wildcat.


$110 per entry

PLEASE print YOUR DETAILS clearly ESP sail No.

NAMES Skipper and Crew Names






DETAILS TYPE SAIL NUMBER- Please give us the correct number.

Boat Name

Insurance Company

Policy details (No.)

I agree to be bound by the Rules of Sailing 2013-2016, the Prescriptions and Special regulations of the Australian Yachting Federation, the rule of

the Class Association, the sailing Instructions and by all other rules that govern the event.

I acknowledge the RRS Rule 4- Decision to Race, places me solely responsible for the decision whether or not to start or to continue racing. I

further acknowledge the YA of NSW and the GLSC, their officials or members, will not accept any liability for property damage, personal injury ,

death or consequential loss arising out of or in relation to participation in the Wildcat regatta.

I confirm that the boat entered has third party liability insurance cover of not less than $AUD10,000,000.

The Great Lakes Sailing Club has an aquatic license issued by the Roads and Maritime Services and the club expressly and unreservedly

indemnifies RMS from all liability associated with the aquatic license event and releases the RMS from any actions of whatsoever nature that

may be instituted in relation to the event.

Please note that the GLSC is a licensed area. Please respect this and ensure that you purchase alcohol from the club-bar area.

We acknowledge that individuals bring alcohol to the event . Please make sure that this is consumed outside the licensed area.


Skipper Date

Email form to forstersailing@gmail.com

PAID $__________ Cash/ Chq or Bank transfer

detail___________________________________________ Date____________________________



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