14-15 Calendar

Updated Great Lakes Sailing Club Program For 2014/2015 Season

7 th – Warm up racing (working bee Saturday, September 6 - includes duty boat procedures/duties) (Kings)
14th- Commodores Trophy R1, 2 / Club Championship R1, 2 (Alan Pursch)
21st- Non Official off the Beach Social Sail (NPS) (TBC)
28th- Handicap Championship Race 1 (working bee Saturday, September 27) (Craig Kneebone)

4/5/6 – Wildcat Regatta
12th- Commodores Trophy R3, 4 / Club Championship R3, 4 (Animal)
19th- Handicap Championship Race 2 (Nacra State Titles Speers Point) (Bill Stokes)
26th- Round Regatta Island Race / Island Series Race 1 Crews Crews to skipper (David Olliffe)


2 nd- Ocean Dreaming Trophy R1, 2 (Gadget and Ruby Machon)
9 th- Ocean Dreaming Trophy R3, 4 / Club Championship R5,6 (Digby)
16th- Handicap Championship Race 3 (Alan Pursch)
22nd/23rd- Camping Weekend (NPS) Short Course Time Trials/Starting & Buoy Rounding
Training/Teams Challenge (Bruce Ando)
29th/30th- Hobie State Titles


7 th- Round Island Race / Island Race Series Race 2 Crews to Skipper (Bruce Castrey)
14 th- Gnomes Summer Series R1, 2 / Club Championship R7, 8 (Port Mac Interclub) (Ross)
21 st- Christmas Party
28 th- Lay Day


4 th- Lay Day
11th - Gnomes Summer Series R3, 4 / Club Championship R9, 10 (Bathy)
18th - Manning Marathon
25th- Handicap Championship Race 4 (Johnny Basden)



31st/1st- Camping Weekend / Teams Challenge /Bridge & Back (John White)
8 th- Gnomes Summer Series R5, 6 / Club Championship R11,12 (Julie Castle)
14th/15th- Booti Booti Cup
22nd- Handicap Championship Race 5 (Scott Farley)


1 st- Trial Bay Regatta
8 th- Presidents Trophy R1, 2 / Club Championship R13, 14 (Morgo)
15th- Handicap Championship Race 6 (Tim)
22nd- Off the Beach Race (TBC)
29th- Cock of the Lake Marathon / Fallen Members Memorial (Kings)


5 th- Easter Lay Day
12th- Presidents Trophy R3, 4 / Club Championship R15, 16 (Alan Pursch)
19th- Handicap Championship Race 7 (Craig Kneebone)
26th- Round Island Race / Island Race Series Race 3 Crews to Skipper (Animal)


Explanation of Races

Short Course Time Trials –

Would consist of a 1km course, boats take a flying start and complete one lap of the course up to ten times with fastest time and average speed over the course to be calculated. Course to be set to suit both spinnaker and non spinnaker boats

Handicap Race Series

Would Consist of 2 races to be counted as one race, First race is a beach start and beach finish. Boats return to shore then start in reverse order of finishing times from the first race. Finishing places in the second race are the final results. Doing it this way does away with the hard to calculations of doing a handicap series. Penalties apply for capsizes and foxing or deliberately going slow in the first race.

Teams Racing Relay Race –

Teams are formed depending numbers on the day for example 2 cats and 2 lasers on each team with 4 teams. One boat from each team starts on the beach and completes one lap of the course then returns to beach and tags the next team member as so on.


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