13-14 Point Score

There are several point scores on the site. 

The POINT Score is the actual club pointscore.

The second item is the pointscore adjusted to your recalculated yardstick based on your sailed races.  In simple english.

I have averaged your yardstick ratings over the season.  I then calculated the difference from the true yardstick. I then gave you 60% of the difference. Then added to the true or actual yardstick.

So if you have a boat with yardstick of 80. Your race results gave you a yardstick of 88. The differnce was 8. I gave you 60% of 8= 4.8

Your new yardstick that I scored you against was 84.8. 

The purpose is novelty, but the closer you are to your yardstick the better.






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