The Castle 550...


Raptor on Lake Hume. Photo unashamedly borrowed from AWYC web site.

Unfortunately Yachtworks has decided to discontinue production of the 550. The continuing strong demand for the 650 has made them focus on that design alone. to our knowledge, the last 550 built was number 17, launched in November 1995.

The interest in these little giant killers continues with the Association receiving enquiries for secondhand boats out of all proportion to the numbers in existence. Perhaps Yachtworks could be persuaded to change their stance if faced with orders for 4 or so hulls!

The 550 is a performance yacht as indicated by the CBH of 0.665 that they carry in Victoria...having to give time to a number of boats very much larger. Despite the performance on tap, they are easily handled under racing conditions by a mixed crew of two.

The low hull weight of 500kg makes for an easily towed and handled package.

A PDF image of the original Yachtworks brochure can be found here. Click here for further Yachtworks specs including basic dimensions.