650 Rules






Castle 650 Class Rules

The current class rules were issued  after a revision in August 2012. (these include a minor variation to the rules issued in February 2000)

The minor change is an alteration to the mainsail batten specifications and restrictions.  Please note that all currently class legal mainsails will remain class legal.  There is also a link below to a submission made by the CYOAV to Yachting Victoria regarding a proposal to alter the Castle 650 class rules without alteration to the CBH.

Click here for the UPDATED Class Rules.

Click here for the OLD Class Rules.

Click here to see submission to YV regarding alteration to Class Rules.


Below is a sail plan issued by YachtWorks.  There is also a "re-drafted" version of this sail plan that is slightly clearer and more legible.  This re-drafted version removes reference to batten length, orientaiton and position - ALL overall dimension remain the same.

Click here for YachtWorks Sail Plan.

Click here for the RE-DRAFTED Sail Plan.

Please note.  When considering new sails please use the sail plan provided in conjunction with with the class rules.

Click here for mast and boom drawings.


Finally - All trailable yacht racing undertaken using the CBH system must be done as per Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rules.

Click here for the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule.