Why join the Association?...

Through the Association you can have your say in the way Yachting Victoria approaches the interests of the trailer-sailing fraternity in general and the Castle classes in particular.

We are the body responsible for the administration of the class rules and are the group that represents the class on handicapping issues. Think about those last two points when you stop to consider how well your Castle is holding its value or how well you are performing in mixed fleets. 

Not interested in the politics but just wanna race? The Association holds annual state championships providing competition at a level not matched by too many other trailable classes.

For a lousy $25 (waved till 31st March 2013) per year we'll let you race with us, provide a website containing all sorts of useful advice and adjudicate any measurement bunfights you may find yourself in.

For a membership application/renewal  click here to download a form then send it via email to