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RC Laser

By Noel McPherson

The Radio Control Laser (RC Laser) class has been sailing at Dobroyd Aquatic Club (DAC) since 2005. DAC was the first club in Australia to accept the RC Laser as another sailing class. There are large numbers of RC Lasers sailing overseas in the UK, Europe and USA. Currently, we have over 25 registered and regular RC Laser members at the club.

In August 2009 DAC successfully ran the first ever National Championships with over 25 competitors from WA, Vic, Qld and NSW. Since then, the club has been strongly represented in all subsequent National titles, and has had great success with its sailors. The most recent National titles were again held at Dobroyd in 2015; and had a record entry list of 40 boats, commemorating the 10th anniversary of RC Laser racing at DAC.

Our members have represented DAC in numerous overseas events including the UK National titles, and the European Championships. We have a member going to the 2016 European Championships shortly. Next year the Championship of Nations will be held on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and we will have a strong representation there as well.

The RC Laser is excellent as a Radio Control One Design class, as every boat is factory manufactured under licence, as is the full sized Laser dinghy. The boat is ready to race straight out of its uniquely designed sailing bag. As the advertising slogan states, “from bag to sailing in minutes”.

The full sailing kit includes two masts and four sails that enable you to sail the boat in everything from light winds to quite strong breezes.

The Dobroyd RC Laser group races every second Sunday, racing generally starts from 1.00PM. There is also the weekly Thursday Masters Series where retired sailors get together from 12.00 noon. The Thursday group is going from strength to strength, regularly sailing with 10 boats or more each week.

You can contact our RCL Class Co-Ordinator at or 0407 406 633.

New RC Lasers are available from the importers website at

See the Calendar page for RC Laser sailing days or contact the RCL Class Co-Ordinator.

For RC Laser maintenance and tuning tip click here (PDF). The information has been prepared by one of our RC Laser members' Hugh Buckle with input from other DAC RC Laser sailors.

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