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Windsurfer Racing and Training

Open Class Raceboards (Superlight, PanAm, Equipe, Fanatic Cat & the new Exocet X-380 and Starboard Phantom Race).

Mistral One design (Olympic Board 1996 - 2004)

Hybrids (such as Mistral Prodigy, and the new 2008 Olympic class - NP:RSX

Windsurfer One Design (the beloved Wally - indulge yourself)

The Windsurfer sailors who race at DAC have a wide skill range which varies from Australia' s recent Olympic sailboard representative to novice sailors who have only recently started sailing. As a consequence of the handicap scoring system all sailors get a fair go and have an opportunity of winning the races on corrected time. In fact there are often times when some of the most talented sailors get beaten by an up and coming champion.

A new Windsurfer One Design is readily available at a cost of approximately $1500 brand new fully rigged. While a Raceboard or Kona (the new one design class) can be obtained for approximately $2500 - $6000 fully rigged. There are generally however several second hand options on the market at any given time which will be significantly cheaper in cost. Second hand gear can be difficult to find so your best bet is word of mouth, contact the windsurfing class captain and let them know what your looking for. You can also try Seabreeze and you might be lucky on eBay.
Racing occurs in spring and summer on a Saturday afternoon from approximately 2 pm. In addition, on Wednesday evenings from 6 pm during daylight savings twiglight racing also occurs. Both Saturdays and Wednesday racing are open to all comers. While Saturday racing is fun and open to all, it is generally a little more serious than Wednesday racing which is very casual and full of camaraderie, good spirits and lots of fun. Racing starts off the beach adjacent to the club with a handicap start. If racing is not your thing Wednesdays are a good time to learn of just go cruising.
As the sun sets we all head up the road from the club to Totos Pizza Restaurant to continue the good spirit, consume a few pizzas, have a beer and have a laugh at the afternoons sailing. Generally the Saturday Racing fleet has between 10 - 25 sailors depending upon the weather and the time of year. Most of the sailors who sail on Saturday will also race on Wednesday night. However, there are also several diehard Wednesday night sailors who do not race on Saturdays so the fleet for Wednesday night can sometimes get in excess of 30 sailors.
If you are after more info on Longboard Windsurfing visit LBWS for info and pics.
As well as racing longboard windsurfers we also hold windsurfing training days which are open to all comers who would like to learn to windsurf. We supply the training boards, life jackets, rescue boat (not that you will be likely to need it) and instructors. All you have to do is come along with the enthusiasm and a towel as there is no doubt that you will get wet. If you are interested in learning to sail a windsurfer or would like some assistance with buying a new or second hand board please contact us so that we can offer advice or point you the right direction.
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