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Sabot A and Sabot B Fleet Sailors

There are 4 divisions in the Dobroyd Sabot program.
Sabot A 1 up
Sabot A 2 up
Sabot B (Cadet) 1 up
Sabot B (Cadet) 2 up

The "A" fleet do the full course, while the "B" fleet sailors do a modified course which is generally ½ of the "A" fleet course. The course that is sailed each week is dependant on the prevailing weather conditions.

Sabot Transition Fleet Sailors

The transition fleet will commence on Saturday 15 October 2005. This fleet is open to those sailors who completed the training course last season and any new sailors who would like to revise the skills learnt in the training school.

The transition fleet briefing will be held at 1140 hrs. It is important that all sailors are present at the briefing as weather conditions, skill revision and the sailing instructions will be given out at this meeting. It is anticipated that racing will commence at 12 noon, weather conditions dependant, and finish at 1300- 1330 hrs.

The transition fleet will finish on Saturday 17 December 2005. When sailing commences in the new year, all sabot sailors will sail in the fleet which starts at 1400 hrs. Transition fleet sailors are also welcome to sail in the sabot B fleet races (which commence at 1400 hrs), if they so desire prior to Christmas.


Dobroyd Aquatic Club Sabot Sailors participate in the Southern NSW Sabot Association sailing program which includes training courses and championship sailing. To participate in any SNSW program you must be an affiliated member of the association. The cost is $25.00 which gives you access to both the training program and the championship program.

Southern NSW Sabot Association conducts an excellent October school holiday Training program at Drummoyne Sailing Club, St Georges Crescent, Drummoyne. This will be held from Monday 3 to Wednesday 5 October 2005. If you wish to participate, it is extremely important that you enrol by the due date; 9 September 2005. For those interested please contact Grant Parker on 97131386.


National Selection Series

State Sprints

State Teams Racing

Over the years Dobroyd has been very successful in the State Teams Racing Championships, and it is hoped to once again have 3 x 1 ups and 1 x 2 up compete at this regatta, to be held in February (Venue and date to be advised).

For further information please contact the class captain:


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