Sailboards are generally classified as either Short board or Long board
Long boards are usually over 3m long and are optimal for light to moderate winds, Short boards are less than 3m and are optimal for strong winds and manoeuvres and tricks particularly in waves
Raceboards are Longboards with a retractable daggerboard and movable mast track allowing the sailor to be efficient on all points of sail. Excellent upwind ability is combined with good reaching and downwind ability, Raceboards are typically sailed in an Olympic triangle course 
"Olympic triangle",is a classic sailing course common in regattas, meant to display the prowess of the sailor in all major wind directions, such as upwind, downwind and includes a reaching leg, and variations of this are sailed by all classes at DAC. 
Raceboards are an Open Class Design, meaning Sails, Rig and Board all need to comply with a design rule but do not need to be identical in design like One Design craft, such as the Laser, the Open Class Rule allows and encourages design experimentation and innovation within the class.
Boards predominately sailed at DAC include the Mistral Equipe, Fanatic Megacat, and more recently the Starboard Phantom as well as Exocet Elite and RSD2 
We encourage all levels of skill and ability at DAC and the Raceboard Class is no exception, with juniors, seniors, males and female all competing on a regular basis most Saturdays in Summer.  
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