Optimist/O'pen BIC

DAC has regular racing for Optimist dinghies starting at 2.00pm sharp each Saturday in the summer and monthly on Saturdays during winter.

We also have training and coaching (with assistance from the NSW Optimist Association) at various times during the season.
The class encourages sailors to travel to other clubs to meet, sail and train with other kids who also sail Optis.  The kids make a lot of friends and have lots of fun at these regular events.

About the Boat
The International Optimist is the ideal introduction to sailing and the plastic variant has been used very successfully at DAC for our learn to sail classes for a number of years. The IODA Optimist is very similar except that is it is constructed from fibreglass (instead of polyethylene) which makes it lighter, more agile and much faster!
The Optimist enables sailors to easily and quickly gain confidence on the water, whilst developing the essential sailing skills and techniques for the future. The Optimist is safe, unsinkable, easy & fun to sail, and readily transportable on car roof racks.
The International Optimist Dinghy is sailed in over 100 countries by over 260,000 skippers, and is endorsed by Yachting Australia and the International Sailing Federation for sailors up to the age of 15 for training and racing. It's worth noting that at the Beijing Olympics, 85% of medal winning skippers were former Optimist sailors. Each year the top five sailors at our national titles are given the opportunity to represent their country at the IODA World Championships.
Most importantly the Optimist is a true International One Design class, with identical boats made of a durable GRP Hull, which means minimal maintenance, with a new boat, complete with sail & trolley, costing around $4000 and used boats starting from about $1500.
(see NSW IODA link below for more information)

The training stages at DAC

Stage 1 - Learn to Sail

·Learn to Sail is the first year for absolute beginner Opti sailors using the club's polyethylene Optimists.  

·The class runs from Oct through to April each Sat from 9:45am till 11:15am. 

Stage 2 - Transition

·Transition is the 2nd year of sailing (it is recommended that you attend the Learn to Sail the year before Transition). 

·The class runs from late Sept through to Dec every Sat from 11:30am till 1:00pm.  Then from Jan till April the Transition class joins in the regular DAC Club Racing (with on water assistance) from 2:00pm.

·Transition is run using the club's polyethylene Optimists.

Stage 3 - DAC Opti Fleet Training

·DAC Opti Fleet Training is the next step for sailors that have completed the Learn to Sail and Transition classes.

·For this level of training it is essential that sailors have their own fibreglass boat.

·Currently the class runs from Oct through till April from 11:30am (although this is subject to change depending on numbers).

·Each week the DAC Opti Fleet will join in the DAC Club Racing at 2pm.

·Throughout winter training is available (depending on numbers) every 2nd week.

DAC Club Racing

·DAC Club Racing are races that are open to all DAC members of all classes of boat as long as they are mono hulled.

·To sail in these races, sailors either have to have their own boat (for Optis) or can crew on another DAC members boat (Herons, Tasars, etc).

·The races start at 2pm with two short races (for Optis) on a typical Saturday (weather permitting).

·The calendar for racing is on the DAC website at: DAC Racing Calendar

·During Winter, DAC has one race per month open to all classes.

For further information please contact the Optimist Class Captain Sam Hodzic by - clicking here

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