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Paul Derwent, Saturday, 23 February 2013

Open class

We welcome all classes to race at Dobroyd Aquatic Club; the Open class consists on mixed classes which include the following.

125 Dinghy

The 125 dinghy is exciting to sail, light weight, not too expensive and has a high level of competition throughout Australia.
The 125 has a light 50kg chine hull with a spinnaker and a trapeze. Sailed by 2 this dinghy sails best at 10 - 15 knots of breeze. A popular boat for teenagers, parent and child combinations, couples or anyone looking for a great boat that is good value with a friendly group of people.
A competitive class, with state titles held every year in the latter half of the sailing season and nationals each year after Christmas at a variety of locations around Australia. There are also training weekends and travelers races held throughout the season in NSW.


The NS14 is an exciting high performance class ideal for two adults or an adult and child. It has a simple rig, is light enough to be lifted from a trailer (fully rigged) into the water by 3 persons of average strength, requires only reasonable fitness to sail, and is affordable by the private sailor.
The NS14 is a popular class attracting many elite skippers who have contributed their ideas to make the NS14 the most highly developed boat in Australia.


Developed as a high performance training boat, the 29er is a popular intermediate step between youth classes and the senior skiffs. Renowned for being loads of fun, the 29er is a strict one-design class, offering excellent racing and great rides.

Flying 11

The flying 11 is a class sailed by junior’s sailors, 12 - 18 year olds. It is an exciting & lightweight sailing dinghy with a combined crew weight of between 75 & 115kgs.

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