Laser windward
Laser windward



“Single handed, exciting, competitive, and great fun”

Dobroyd Aquatic Club races Lasers every Saturday during the sailing season and once a month in winter. Racing starts at about 2.15pm with all age groups from early teenagers to late seniors racing together (all 3 size sails are welcome see descriptions below). With no through traffic Iron cove is a great place to sail a Laser, rigging is easy on the lawn then simply roll the dollies down the concrete ramp and we are off, TOO easy!

Being an Olympic class there is plenty of chances to compete with other clubs and at state, Australian, and world championship level. For those with slightly lower aspirations a BBQ sausage on the best balcony on Sydney harbor is the perfect way to celebrate a great day on the water.

DAC has a great sail training program for kids (see other pages of this site), Laser training is organized occasionally amongst the group as required. We share the club with other classes including the Radio controlled Lasers (sail without getting your feet wet) so options for other members of your family and friends are available. So come down to Rodd point on Saturday and say g’day we are ready to help you get on the water, and happy to have you sail a couple of races before joining the club.

3 Sizes suit all

The Laser sail comes in 3 different sizes, catering for different weight, age, and experience levels. These sizes provide a pathway for sailors just starting out to progress from a small sail through to the full standard Olympic sail.

4.7 Rig
This is the smallest sail and ideal for those just starting out. The smaller rig is easier to handle and easier to right after a capsize. Recommended weight range is 50 to 65 kg. At DAC the 4.7 rigs currently compete in the radial class.

The Radial Rig
The radial sail is  5.7 m2 and is recommended for weights from 65 to 80 kgs. The radial class has its own pointscore and Club Championship at DAC.

The Standard Rig
The standard sail is 7m2 giving more power in light winds (and sometimes too much power in high winds). The standard rig is recommended for weights above 80kg.

For further information contact the Class captains by clicking here on the relevant links below.

Radial & 4.7 - click here

Full rig - click here

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