Tim and Fiona Carroll, 10117 'Simply Red'
Tim and Fiona Carroll, 10117 'Simply Red'

Stacey and Maree in 'Zoe
Ralph Brown and Stewart in 5723 'Sarie'
Leslie & Leon in 'Nefertiti'
Will & Andrew Sutherland in the fibreglass Mirror 'Menace'
Paul and Rachel Grima in 'Wazza'
Tony and Anthony Cope in 'Outcast'
James Cope and Michael in 'The Black Pearl'
Leigh and Siena in 'Tuki'
Elise and Stuart in 'Uni Directional'
'I'm a doctor - where's the stitches' says Julie.
The fleet rests between races
Mirror tactics. Leon, Maree and Stacey
Cody and Paul Wedding accept the Alex Amess 'Most Improved' perpetual trophy
Second and Third placegetters receive their awards
'This looks nice

Notice Board

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