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Before you enroll please could you make sure that your membership to Somers Yacht Club is current, otherwise your name will be removed from the enrolment list and your place will not be saved.
You will also need your Australian Sailing Number to enroll.


Somers Sailing School  2017-18

The Sailing School classes of 2016/17

Somers Sailing School is a recognized Discover Sailing Centre by Yachting Australia. We offer our members a range of courses, from total beginners (min age 9), to courses that get you out on the race course and becoming more competitive. These courses will be run throughout the sailing season. Our staff are all highly trained sailing instructors or assistants and make the whole experience of being on the water a safe, fun and exciting time.

Sailing School Eligability
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Club Boats Available

The Club Hawks (one person dinghy) and Club Pacers (two person dinghy) are available for members of Somers.  They may only borrow a boat through the booking service on our web site. There is a catch! People borrowing the hawks must have completed a course with the club. People borrowing the Pacers must know how to sail also. This ensures that they know how we want the boats to be treated and look after, as well as rigged and sailed properly.                                                                                             

To Hire a Pacer or Rent a Hawk,
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We ran 3 courses this season for our members of Somers Yacht Club.
Read the brief description on each course.
Further inquires please email Emma Morris at: simemmorris@bigpond.com



Start Sailing
This course is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to Dinghy sailing for complete beginners, minimum age 9.

The course includes an introduction to the fundamental boat handling skills and essential safety knowledge. It comprises of two levels, Start sailing 1 and Start sailing 2 within the one course. This is why many students do this course multiple times, to pass both levels. If you are not a beginner, we will still challenge you to learn new skills and have a great time.

Start Sailing


Start Racing
This course is for adults and juniors, in both catamarans and monohulls.
Participants need to bring their own boat to train in, as all club boats will be busy.
The aim of this course is to introduce Dinghy sailors to competitive sailing. The Course focuses on refining enhanced boat handling skills including speed control and maneuvers. Introducing basic racing tactics and strategies, so that you can join the fleet racing on Saturday afternoons.
It will be assumed that participants will have mastered the skills required to complete the Start Sailing 2 Course or equivalent.

Start Racing



 Adult Start Sailing
This course is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to Dinghy sailing for Adult beginners, and the slightly more advanced. You may have no prior experience. Not been on the water for a long time, and need a bit of a refresher course, or only ever been a crew and want to take the helm. We will help you gain the confidence you need and challenge you to learn new skills while having a great time.

Adult Start Sailing



                    Lesson on how to right your dinghy


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Somers Sailing School

SYC Sailing School


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