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Getting into sailing can be expensive - but not at WYC!  The club has built up a fleet of dighies that are available for use FREE OF CHARGE to club members.

Whether you would like to practise the skills you learn in Tackers or Sailing School, or see what it is like to compete in a race or take a friend for a sail or try out a different style of boat, WYC has a boat that is suitable. 


Our fleet consists of:

  • Ozi-Opti Optimists - small dinghies used in the Tackers program for kids aged 7-15
  • O'pen BICs - high perfromance skiffs for young teenagers
  • Regatta Optimist (CrossFire) - international standard racing boat for kids
  • Pacers - two-handed dinghy used in the Sailing School.
  • Micron - one person dinghy, slightly smaller than a Laser.
  • Laser - Olympic class one person dinghy with both a full sized sail or a radial (smaller cut) sail.
  • Paper Tigers - our fastest club boat, a catamaran raced by one but big enough for two on a social sail. (currently being refurbished)
  • Sailboards - sail standing up (currently being refurbished)
  • Kayaks & Paddleboards - various sizes to suit all ages


All boats are clearly marked with a 'Property of WYC' sticker.

The Ozi-Opti Optimists and Pacers are reserved at certain times of the season for use in Tackers, Sailing School and Teams Racing events.  Otherwise all boats can be allocated to members on a daily basis.  There is no charge for usage and we expect members to care for and maintain these boats as you would if it was owned by you (which partially, it is).  i.e. if you break or misplace any part of the boat, we do expect you to fix or replace as required to restore the boat to its former state.  All club boats are insured against accidental damage but there is an excess of $250 that we expect the person in control of a boat that is damaged to cover.

To allow us to keep track of club boat usage, members using a club boat must fill out the club boat register which can be found in the sailing room.


Thanks to generous members Glenda & Tony Bayley, Brendan & Judy Corcoran, Bruce & Marg Douglas, Tony Lang & Melinda Richards, Adam Smith Snr, Simon Spalding and Sean Willmore for their donations of boats, kayaks, paddleboards and sailboards to the club.


Interested in using a club boat?  Contact Rear Commodore, Colin Franke ( ) to make the appropriate arrangements.

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