Volunteer Qualifications

Some volunteer roles at RYCV require certain qualifications.

Volunteers wanting to operate club boats such as the RHIBs or the Suzuki require a minimum qualification of the Power Boat Handling Certificate (the old TL3) qualification, and preferably a Safety Boat qualification. If you want to operate radios at the club you will need a radio licence for example, it is also beneficial that the more persons that have First Aid level 2 qualifications and blue crane certifications. Courses are run regularly at the club for the above qualifications and occasionally the club is successful in getting grants to offer these courses to volunteers at no cost at all, it is after all in the clubs interest to have a strong qualified volunteer base particularly if we want to run major events like the recent Flying Fifteen World and National Championships.

This page contains links to the various courses that lead to the qualifications that most of the volunteers require. Follow this link to the Yachting Australia training site.