Pointscore System

RYCV Membership Point Score
On Water Participation  
Enter and participate in a series on the Block Entry 5 points
Selection in an Association Cup team 5 points
Enter and participate in an offshore race/cruise 2 points each race/cruise
Participate in Opening Day Sail Past 1 point
Individual race/event entry ½ point
Assist in Race Management 2 points each day volunteered
Member of a Club Committee 2 points for each committee
Attendance at Club Working Bee 1 point
On-Shore Regatta Volunteer 1 point each day volunteered
Club Measurer 1 point
Club Handicapper 1 point
Club Safety Auditor 1 point
Other club volunteering activites 1 point
Club Activities  
Attendance at Club Yearly/Half Yearly Meeting 1 point for each meeting
Attendance at Club Presentation Night 1 point
Enrolment in Club Courses 2 points for each course attended
Continuity 2 points for each multiple of ten years
Nominate a Crew Member 1 point
Nominate a Senior Member 2 points
Points required to be considered active = 6 points and points earned from at least two groups.