Clubhouse and mooring etiquette.

The floating pontoon on the Eastern side is meant for SHORT STAY, loading and unloading after events, and for those using the Eastern Blue Crane.

It is not meant for long stay.

If boats are left there unattended, yard staff will relocate them back to their pens. This is a matter of having respect for other members. Police boats also use this facility.

Some of you who attend the club will have seen the efforts of two senior members to preserve the lawn through this very hot period. And a very fine job they are doing, thank you. Their job is not made easier by members actions. At the weekend sails were left on the lawn which resulted of the grass being burnt. DO NOT leave exotic sails on the lawn, laying them to measure or remove/add battens is fine, but be quick. The sails act as a magnifying glass.

In the same vein, a new hose attachment was deliberately cut over the weekend. I am reviewing the CCTV.

David Seaman