State League By-Laws:

At the conclusion of the 2015 season, a comprehensive review of the State League competition was conducted by Volleyball Victoria and driven by club representatives. This review process included extensive dialouge with stakeholders (players, coaches, officials, volunteers etc) across a range of activities and produced a number of outcomes which have been endorsed for implementation in State League 2016 and beyond.

As a result, some bylaws within the State League By-Laws have been amended to accomodate the outcomes of this process.

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 Additional Junior Division Information:

All junior division games will be a timed 90 minute game (15 minute warm-up plus 75 minute game). This was the general consensus of the delegates to best cater to the current landscape of our junior participants whilst also increasing the convenience for both clubs organising coaches and teams, and for the Junior participants. EG. parents will know the start and finish times of their childs volleyball match.

Teams will still play to sets (25 points with a 2 point advantage) but will just play continuously until the game clock expires. The game will not end if one team achieves the traditional 3 sets. There also cannot be any draws, so if two teams are tied for sets and points after the time limt expires, play will continue until one team has achieved a two point advantage - and will be deemed the winner.

No junior teams will have duty responsibilities in 2017. All duties for Junior games will be covered by teams from senior divisions.