SCF Board of Directors

Sunshine Coast Football is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Board are volunteers who devote their time to promote the sport by partnering together with Football Queensland to encourage active participation by players, coaches and referees.

SCF Board of Directors
Chris Dunk - Chairman
Joel Albion
Nic Basile
Alinda Bryant

Andrew Lee
Tony McCrae
Will Wilson

Objectives of the Sunshine Coast Football Board of Directors

  • Maintain a strategic and professional approach in the delivery of its regional governance practices and management services;
  • Provide quality accessible regional administration services which will enhance and support the conduct of Sunshine Coast Football;
  • Improve the quality and quantity of organisational development advice and support provided to affiliated clubs and encourage the development of innovative club management practices which will enhance football participation and organisational performance;
  • Deliver quality, well managed and accessible participation activies, including competition and skill development programs which meet the needs of Sunshine Coast regional club participants.  Undertake a leadership role in providing direction and support in the management and development of regional and club based facilities; and
  • Build strong relationships and partnerships with key external and internal clients including local and state govenment, other sports, sponsors and affiliated clubs.


With our national body, Football Federation Australia leading the way with successful International and National teams there is a steady growth each year in player numbers.  Sunshine Coast Football will be recognised by its regional community as being professionally managed, financially stable and the strongest and largest participation sport.




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