Squirts Program

Squirts - 3-5 Year Old Program

The Squirts Program is not a “technical coaching” program, but a tempered introduction to the great sport of football.  The very basics of the game are introduced and experienced by children through different drills, practices and games.

The Squirts Coach is there to gently guide and oversee the children.  The children are encouraged to have a sense of fun and freedom.  Being active is the objective and participating in football is the means to achieving this end.

Elite players are not the ultimate outcome we are seeking, rather the development of the individual participant’s gross motor skills in conjunction with them becoming physically active.  Running, stopping, ball control, jumping, turning, balance, agility, movement and general coordination are all skills to be acquired and improved.

To find out how your club can get involved in Squirts contact us at squirts@footballqueensland.com.au








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