10 Reasons to play FUTSAL


Futsal develops the same basic technique, skills, tactics and knowledge of the game as the 11 v 11 outdoor game.

Ball touches 
In statistical study comparing Futsal to Football, players touched the ball 275% more often which will increase player’s ball competency.

Ball control
With limited space and constant opponent pressure, improved ball control technique and skills are required

Speed of play 
Constant opponent pressure and a 4 second restart law means players must learn to
play and think fast, which develops intelligent players.

Support play 
In Order to escape tight situations you must make supporting when team mates have the ball.

Continuity of play 
Action is continuous and physically demanding, so players must continue the play instead of stopping and watching, which in develops physical conditioning.

With four on court players plus goal keepers that can join in the play , all the basics components of Football are present, As the action is nonstop, players are able to develop an improved technical understand of Futsal very quickly.

The goal and penalty area assist the goalkeeper in narrowing the angle, which means player must learn to shoot accurately and deceive the the goalkeeper instead of just relying on power alone.

Play well, play fair
The laws of the game of Futsal encourage playing skilfully and punish physical contact fouls, game play also encourages respect for all players and officials.

Futsal is fast paced, fun, skill-oriented game that tests your abilities at whatever level, whilst developing all round individual technique.



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