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So much going on, not a lot of help with recruiting,more

Yap State Soccer Team Prt. 2

We are now in the middle of May, and we have some clarity...more

Waab Healthy Lifestyle Coalition

This Event is sponsored by the Waab Healthy Lifestyle Coalition in collaboration with Yap Football Association.more

Yap State Soccer Team

YFA is going to have a soccer team for the up-coming 2018 Micro Games that is to be held in Yap.more

Australian Government assisting Yap Football Academy

Australian Government gracious grant to the Yap Football Academy...more

Yap State Academy 2016

YFA has focus on Yap state youth.more

2016 Yap Football Association Official and Members

2016 Yap Football Association Official and Members update.more

Rull Team

One of the power house municipality in soccer.more

FSM Soccer Team

Sunday @ 2:00 am, Yap Soccer Team departed the island.more

2018 Miro-Games Prep.

Yap is hosting the 2018 Micro-Games, but do we want to be better than the last Micro-Games?more

FSMFA National Football Coach/Development Officer

An occupation that will not benefit you only but the entire F.S.M. All the information is in this article, so please feel free to read about it.more

New FSM Football Association President

Congratulation Jeff Wuthel!more
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Notice Board

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

June 2018- Roster for Yap State Soccer Team will be finalize

May 18, Friday Night Social Soccer Sponsored by Healthy Life-Style Coalition

January 2018-  Yap State Soccer Team resume tryout session

Yap & Palau Games 2017 in December 4 - 8

December 2017- No practice for Yap State Soccer Team

October - November 2017- Yap State Soccer Team tryout session @ CMS on Tuesday & Thursday and @ Sports Complex on Sunday

* Dominic who played for the NYO is with the UOG( University of Guam ) soccer team playing mid-fielder.

Photo Gallery

Score Board

Yap Games 2016 Medals

14U Boys ( 7 Aside )

 1st NYO won the Gold

 2nd Fanif won the Silver


 3rd Maap won the Bronze


 A\A Women ( 7 Aside )

 1st Weloy won the Gold

 2nd NYO won the Silver

 3rd Maap won the Bronze

 A\A Men ( 6 Aside )

 1st NYO won the Gold

 2nd Weloy won the Silver

 3rd Fanif won the Bronze

 *Congratulation to all the medalist!