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The behind-the-scenes heroes of London 2012

By Jed Toohey of The Reporters' Academy

Games Makers, otherwise known as volunteers, have earned their title well. They help the public with directions, they help out the individual National Olympic Committee’s, they help the athletes with transport and much, much more. The key here is, they help.

London 2012 Game Makers come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be a team London ambassador who help out the public, the National Olympic Committee volunteers or the volunteer drivers. They are all experts at assisting the thousands of people from around the world who have come to watch the games. And, they all went through a simple and easy application process.more

VIDEO: The Legacy of Table Tennis in Vanuatu

By Emma Cullen of The Reporters' Academy
Table tennis has become a growing sport in Vanuatu, and Anolyn Lulu's Olympic journey has inspired many back at home to become engaged in the sport. She explains to us the impact that her coaching back at home has had on the initiative for table tennis, how it has inspired youth such as Yoshua Shing, who at the age of 12, became the youngest competitor in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Therefore, the legacy of table tennis in Vanuatu, inspired by Anolyn, will continue to pave a way for future athletes to compete internationally.more

Three Olympic values understood in any language

By Alana Christensen of The Reporters' Academy

The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.

This is what the Olympic Creed tells the athletes about the Olympics, what values it holds, what should be displayed and what it should mean.

Although this statement was made in 1908, it remains relevant today and is reinforced by the three values for the modern Olympics – respect, excellence and friendship.more

Dr. Robin Mitchell supporting Oceania athletes

By Alana Christensen of The Reporters' Academy

He represents 17 different countries, looks after an entire region and as the President of the Oceania National Olympic Committee, Dr. Robin Mitchell has a great deal of responsibility.

As a former Fijian Olympic team physician, athletics and hockey representative and coach, Mitchell has a very strong connection to both the Olympics and sport.more

The Olympics set on promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

By Chelsey Tattersall of The Reporters' Academy

The Olympics is the ultimate sporting event. Every four years they are broadcast on numerous channels in just short of 100 countries all over the world. This means millions of people watching sport; so promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through these Olympic events is crucial at these Games.

For all the people watching...more

Inspiring the Pacific - Sally Pearson

By Courtney Smyth of The Reporters' Academy

Sally Pearson was present on Wednesday at the Adidas Lounge in Stratford. After her gold medaling win at the 100m hurdles and snatching the Olympic record, the media was keen to ask a few questions, including a positive message to her Pacific opponents.more

A young man's determination

By Alana Christensen of the Reporters' Academy

Benjamin Schulte from Guam competed in the men's 10km marathon swim today at Serpentine Lake, London.
The 16 year old competed to the best of his ability, completing the race in 2:03:35.1 securing him 25th position.
Although falling behind the rest of the field towards the end of the race, Schulte quickly became a crowd favorite.more

Jamie Oliver's Recipe for a Healthier Pacific

By Campbell Mayne of The Reporters' Academy

The man himself, the Naked Chef, the almighty taste lover Jamie Oliver held a press conference to share his views on food, where it has been and where it is going. He discussed his early life in television and how he used this medium to change lives, spoke of the importance of healthy lifestyles, and touched on ways for the Pacific to improve their health.

As soon as Oliver walked into the room, the cameras were snapping like crazy, a round of applause erupted from a relatively large crowd who were almost completely star struck by this culinary and humanitarian hero. Almost immediately, he creates a sort of relaxed informal vibe, however that may have been caused by the fact that he rocked up in shorts, a flannie and sandals.more

Patrick Mahon encouraging Nauru athlete to achieve personal best

By Victoria Heard of The Reporters’ Academy

Patrick Mahon is the Judo coach for Sled Dowabobo (pictured left) from Nauru. He has previously trained many different athletes from across the Pacific, but for the London 2012 Olympic Games his official role will be to coach Dowabobo.more

The London Media Centre- the 'hot spot' for Oceania reporters

By Victoria Heard and Chrizzel Pontanes of The Reporters' Academy

The London Media Centre is a place for both non-accredited and accredited media to work in whilst reporting on the London 2012 Olympic Games. For the duration of these games, there have been more than 6,200 hundred media representatives from 66 different countries.more

The importance of social media in the Olympics.

By Chelsey Tattersall of The Reporters' Academy

London 2012 is one of the biggest trademarks of the year, if not the decade; with it branded everywhere, on cars, clothes, buildings and social media. The London 2012 Facebook page has over 1.4 million likes and the twitter account with just fewer than 1.6 million followers.

The power of social media has already shown its force in the Olympics, with a whole section of the Opening Ceremony being based around the new era of technology, texting and the influence new technology has had on the world, with even the inventor of wireless internet at the ceremony.more

Copeland Does Fiji Proud

By Courtney Smyth of The Reporters' Academy

Leslie Copeland, Fiji’s best javelin thrower, has ranked 13th in the Men’s javelin throw event yesterday.

After qualifying in his own right for the Games, he has now competed and thrown a seasonal best throw of 80.19 metres. Copeland was only 20 centimetres off qualifying for the finals.

In the months prior to the London 2012 Olympics, Copeland spoke about his sport and his progress. “I surpassed all the records in high school, and that made me want to go further and beat the Fiji record and continue.” He has definitely done this. His results in his first Olympics have done Fiji and the rest of Oceania proud.more

Fijian Chef de Mission's job an honour

By Alana Christensen of The Reporters' Academy

To “lead the contingent is a job that I actually feel is of a high calling”. This is how Christopher Yee describes his job as the Fijian Chef De Mission, a privilege and an honour.

The Olympics provide so many opportunities for Fiji and Yee is aware of them all. The ability to integrate their culture into their sport and showcase it to not only the other Oceania countries, but also the other nations across the world.more

Bringing the Oceania Community to London

By Courtney Smyth of The Reporters' Academy

Although the nations across the Pacific are small and most have perhaps only a few athletes competing, the sense of encouragement and support is not lacking in the slightest and is completely unmistakable.more

VIDEO: Oceania and the Flag Raising Ceremony

By Courtney Smyth of The Reporters' Academy
Athletes from the 15 Pacific nations gathered at the Scoop on the banks of the River Thames in London for the Oceania Flag Raising Ceremony

This marked the beginning of their London journey and recognised the athlete that will carry the flag for each country.

The picturesque setting was the perfect backdrop for the ceremony, with the Tower Bridge in the background; the Olympic rings hanging from it clearly visible, reminding the athletes of the task they have ahead.more

Coach Rutten training PNG athletes for the Games

By Chrizzel Pontanes of The Reporters' Academy

Andy Rutten is the coach for Papua New Guinean taekwondo competitor, Theresa Tona. His role with Tona is to bring her skills to a higher level for her up and coming competition in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Rutten has had a successful career in the sporting industry. He was selected from Papua New Guinea Sport Commission, the Olympic Committee, plus all of Korea, France and many other countries for his role as Taekwondo coach. He is also a sports teacher for a very successful club in Australia, which has seven people on the national team.more

Olympic Park - a magical experience

By Chelsey Tattersall of The Reporters' Academy

Walking into Olympic Park is a magical feeling. Being surrounded by world-class stadiums, which took careful planning and immaculate execution; Olympic Park is a place like no other.

Taking seven years to make and costing over 3 billion dollars, this park is home to most stadiums holding Olympic events. It houses Olympic Stadium, Aquatic Centre, Basketball Arena, BMX Track, Copper Box, Riverbank Arena, Velodrome and the Water polo Arena.more

Tourism in Samoa

By Alana Christensen of The Reporters' Academy

Samoan athletes, dignitaries and the public gathered at St Katherine Docks to not only promote the Samoan lifestyle and tourism, but also several other Pacific nations.

The public slowed to witness the traditional dancers and also the performances of Samoan opera singer Sani Muliaumaseali’I who got the entire crowd singing to Samoa’s unofficial national anthem.more

Tourism in Fiji

By Alana Christensen, The Reporters' Academy

It's an island that has been a hub of tourists and activities for years, yet many are still not aware of Fiji's little islands of paradise nestled in the secluded South Pacific.more

Oceania Collaboration

By Chelsey Tattersall, The Reporters' Academy

The Olympics is a time when the whole world is brought together to celebrate sport - all different countries, languages and cultures. The perfect example of this unity is Oceania, who are the world leaders in collaboration.

There are 17 countries in Oceania who fall under the umbrella of ONOC – The Oceania National Olympic Committee. Athletes, coaches, managers and officials all work together to train and produce world-class athletes from Oceania.more

Olympic experience to help Fijian athlete

By Matai Akauola (PINA) in London

06 AUGUST 2012 LONDON (PACNEWS) --- Fiji’s Chef de Mission- Chris Yee is predicting that 16 year old Danielle Alakija will be a force to reckon in future.

The United States based 400 metre runner clocked 56.77seconds in the preliminary heats and did not qualify for the next round.more

The Culture of Fiji in London

By Courtney Smyth, The Reporters' Academy

In the weeks surrounding and during the Olympics, all nations around the world prepare in their own ways and have their own celebrations. In Fiji, the culture is rich and unique. In more way than one, the culture helps to bring the people together. It is in the costumes, the dances, songs and stories that they celebrate being Fijian.more

Oceania's latest Olympians take to the track.

By Lewis Woods of The Reporters' Academy

The eyes of the Pacific Islands were drawn to the Olympic Stadium as 9 Oceania athletes took to the track for the men’s 100m preliminary rounds. Athletes from Tonga, Palau, Tuvalu, The Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, American Samoa, The Solomon Islands, Kiribati and The Cook Islands all took part in the 4 heats...more

A Good Day for Oceania Women on the Track

By Matt Bowcott of The Reporters' Academy

With the Olympics in full motion, it was time for the athletics competition to being on Day 7 of the 30th Olympiad. The second event on the track was the Women’s 100m Preliminary round, with 9 Oceania women vying for a place in the first round against 24 other athletes.more

Palaun Rodman Runs to New Heights

By Gemma Martin of The Reporters' Academy

Today was the turn of the men’s 100m sprint at London 2012 Olympics. The start of day eight looked dull with black clouds over the stadium, however just before Palauan sprinter, Rodman Teltull, took his place in heat 2 the sun made a glorious appearance...more

Tuvalu Sprinter Sets a National Record

By Matt Bowcott of The Reporters' Academy

The Olympic Stadium is at the heart of the Olympic Park and plays host to some of the most Iconic Olympic Events. On the 1st day of athletics inside the packed 80,000 seated stadium, the women’s 100m preliminary rounds took place.

Tuvaluan sprinter Asenate Manoa, was looking to get a good time in hemore

Rubie Runs a Joyous Personal Best

By Gemma Martin of The Reporters' Academy

The atmosphere of a full house helped spur on all the athletes on as they took up their positions on the starting blocks for the heats of the women’s 100m.

Palau’s Rubie Joy Gabriel, took up her place in lane 4 in heat 3. The silence as the starter spoke must have been daunting for the second youngest amore

Nazario Makes His Olympic Bow in Judo

By Emma Cullen of The Reporters' Academy

Nazario Fiakaifonu, Vanuatu’s +100kg Judoka emerged from the arena into the media Mixed Zone, looking disappointed with his performance which took place just minutes before. Nazario remained proud to be at the Olympics, “I want to thank everyone; all my friends who supported me, and my family. I’m sorry that I didn’t do well todamore

Vanuatu PM welcomes change in attitude towards Fiji

by Matai Akauola

Vanuatu Prime Minister- Sato Kilman has welcomed the change in attitude towards Fiji from Australia and New Zealand.more

Kilman says sports has been neglected in Vanuatu

by Matai Akauola

Vanuatu’s Prime Minister – Mr Sato Kilman, one of the few Pacific leaders attending the London 2012 Olympics says sport in Vanuatu has been neglected for too long.more

Samoan archer a living testimony to glorify God

by Matai Akauola

Pint sized Samoan archer Maureen Epati- Tuimalealifano might be small in stature but she is on fire for God.
Even before coming to London 2012, the 41 year old has been on the offensive spiritually praying and fasting for her performance.more

Matai Akauola Dairy from London

by Matai Akauola

03 AUGUST 2012 LONDON (PACNEWS) ----- Bula everyone, it is Day 6 at the London Olympics and today the countries competing were Cook Islands, American Samoa, Marshall islands, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia and Papua New Guinea.more

A Friendly Rivalry

By Lewis Woods of The Reporters’ Academy

Today the eyes of Oceania were fixed on the women’s 50 metre freestyle event at the Aquatics Centre here in London, as athletes from the Marshall Islands, Palau, Cook Islands, PNG and FSM all competed in the preliminary rounds hoping to set personal bests.

Four of those athletes competed in heat 4, including close friends Ann-Marie Hepler of the Marshall Islands and Keesha Keane of Palau. “Keesha and I race together a lot in different competitions, and it’s either her or me that comes out on top.” Ann-Marie told me in the post-race interview.more

Keesha, Keane to Make a Difference

By Gemma Martin of The Reporters’ Academy

Day 7 of the Olympics was a busy day for the youth of Palau. Whilst Rubie Joy Gabriel was in action on the track her compatriot Keesha Keane was taking to the pool.

A noisy aquatics centre welcomed the swimmers for the 50m heats. Keesha clearly took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She later explained how she “gets very nervous,” before her races. Nevertheless, she was helped by her onlooking team mates and her family.more

A Good Day for Oceania Women on the Track

By Matt Bowcott of The Reporters’ Academy

With the Olympics in full motion, it was time for the athletics competition to being on Day 7 of the 30th Olympiad. The second event on the track was the Women’s 100m Preliminary round, with 9 Oceania women vying for a place in the first round against 24 other athletes.

With the four heats getting underway, the packed 80,000 seated stadium cheered for the athletes as they walked to their blocks. Athletes from around the world were in one stadium, for one chance at Olympic competition.more

New canvass to keep Kiribati athletes happy

By Matai Akauola in London

01 AUGUST 2012 LONDON (PACNEWS) ----- The Secretary General of Kiribati National Olympic Committee Rota Onorio went shopping yesterday for his athletes at the massive Westfield Mall, just outside the Games Village in Stratford.more

Oceania Athletes in the Olympic Village

By Danya Matonti of The Reporters’ Academy

Stretching over 500 acres in East London and home to iconic venues including the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre and Velodrome, Olympic Park is certainly set to be the heart of the action throughout the London Olympics this year.

Not only will Olympic Park be hosting hundreds of sporting events, activities and attractions, it will be holding the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.more

Matai Akauola Diary from London

by Matai Akauola

01 AUGUST 2012 LONDON (PACNEWS) ----- Bula everyone….yesterday I left for the Games Village after doing most of my stories back at the hotel and hoping that things will run smoothly.more

Olympic Torch at Buckingham Palace

By Chelsey Tattersall and Courtney Smyth

For the past 70 days the Olympic Torch has travelled all over the U.K., drawing large crowds of excited bystanders waiting for their turn to see the gold flame in action. With over 8000 torch bearers, all of England has been involved in this piece of Olympic history.more

MATAI's DIARY: August 1st

By Matai Akauola

01 AUGUST 2012 LONDON (PACNEWS) ----- Bula everyone….yesterday I left for the Games Village after doing most of my stories back at the hotel and hoping that things will run smoothly.more

Launch of the Oceania Pontoon on the 30th July 2012.

By Danya Matonti of The Reporters’ Academy

Last night, Monday the 30th of July 2012, Oceania came together to promote their beautiful region through an evening full of traditional dancing, singing, food and entertainment.

The events unfolded on a newly set up pontoon at St Katharine Docks, situated on the River Thames near Tower Bridge in the midst of the bustling city that is London.more

Tuvaluan Weightlifter sets New Record

By Matt Bowcott of The Reporters’ Academy – 30th July 2012

The Excel Arena played host to the Men’s 62kg Weightlifting on Day 3 of the London Olympics, Tuvalu’s Weightlifter Tuau Lapua Lapua, took to the floor as Tuvalu’s only weightlifter in the Olympics and is the first to compete out of the team. Tuau spoke about being the first to compete “I am excited, to compete I have waited for this and want to do my country proud.” “The crowd give me so much confidence, when I get a green light, I hear the crowd cheering, it’s a great feeling.”more

Opening Ceremony- An unforgettable experience

By Holly Tregenza of The Reporters' Academy

The Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games was a spectacular event. Billions of people tuned in to watch it. For those who were lucky enough to attend, it was sure to be an unforgettable experience one that they would never forget.more

Sweet, Spicy & Full of Flavour: World Food Marathon

By Courtney Smyth & Chelsey Tattersall of The Reporters' Academy

With the world coming together to celebrate the Olympic Games, The Andaz Hotel's 40 plus nationalities of employees inspired the Liverpool Street World Food Marathon. It brought people from all around the world together over a glass of wine and international food.more

American Samoa Show the World Their Culture

By Matt Bowcott of The Reporters’ Academy
28th July 2012

The eyes of the world descended on London, for what many called the greatest show on Earth. 204 Teams from around the globe, came together to celebrate the Opening of the 30th Olympiad. The show, directed by Danny Boyle of ’Slumdog Millionnaire’, was showcasing Great Britain through the years, jam packed with British Culture.more

Welcome to the Olympics Team Republic of Marshall Islands

By Lewis Woods of The Reporters' Academy

With less than 2 days before the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, The Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) got their first taste of what London has to offer with a team welcoming ceremony to the athlete’s village.more

Team Tuvalu, a Part of Olympic History

By Matt Bowcott of The Reporters’ Academy.

Starting, with a scene from a picture perfect countryside, the countdown began for the biggest show on Earth to begin! The roaring crowds helping countdown from 10 to 1, as the 30th Olympiad was officially welcomed to the City of London, for a third timemore

Proud Palau – Olympic Opening Ceremony

By Gemma Martin of The Reporters’ Academy

London 2012’s Opening Ceremony celebrated England’s past, present and future, showing the change of time through the industrial and digital revolutions. Engaging the English audience and providing a unique history lesson for the rest of the world.more

The Marshallese March to the Tune of the Games

By Lewis Woods of The Reporters' Academy

Imagine carrying your country’s flag into the world’s biggest sporting event, being watched by an estimated four billion people. Haley Nemra of The Marshall Islands was lucky enough to share the honour of flag bearer with the likes of, tennis star Novak Djokovic, fastest man alive Usain Bolt and 4 times gold medallist Chris Hoy.more

Oceania Flag Raising Ceremony

By Alana Christensen of The Reporters' Academy

Athletes from the 15 Pacific nations gathered at the Scoop on the banks of the River Thames in London for the Pacific Oceania Team and Opening Ceremony Flag Bearer Presentation.more
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