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The Wolfpack

The Wanneroo Basketball Association is one of the most successful and professionally operated basketball associations in Western Australia. It is based at the Joondalup Basketball Stadium and has been in existence for over 30 years.

The Association has grown substantially over the past 15 years to become an integral part of, and an influential organisation within, the local community.

The pinnacle of the Association is the State Basketball League Men’s and Women’s teams. The Joondalup Wolves, as they are proudly known, have been in existence since 1983 and have experienced much success in their time, including many Championships. 

Through its extended representation in Junior, Senior and representative (SBL and WABL) competitions, the Association has more than 3,000 registered players (members) through now 7 large and volunteer governed affiliated domestic clubs; numbers are bolstered by the many thousands of spectators who pass through the stadium every week of the year.

The Association actively works to develop partnerships with other quality organisations so as to better meet the sporting needs of the community. Furthermore, our philosophy of being ‘Partners with the Community’ acknowledges that while much can be achieved alone, much more can be achieved together.

Sponsorship of the Wanneroo Basketball Association presents an opportunity to be aligned with a major community club and build brand awareness with a target market of more than 2,500 members and considerably wider reaching audience.

Commercial parntership benefits;

  • Corporate hospitality/VIP seating.
  • Interact with your target market at the event through creative displays, activities, product sampling or giveaways.
  • Send a positive message to your target market with regard to your involvement in community at a grass roots level.
  • Extensive promotion of the partnership through print and/or electronic media, signage and direct mail.

Community benefits;

  • Building communities and generating community interaction
  • Binding families
  • Foster friendships
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Reduces the dangers of a lack of physical exercise, including isolation, de-motivation, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Develop confidence and improve self esteem in children
  • Reduced stress in teenagers and adults

As you can see, supporting the Wanneroo Basketball Association can assist your community and your business in so many ways!

If you like to sponsor or support the Joondalup Wolves please contact Management on 9300 1325 or at


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