Registration Terms and Conditions

  1. By completing this Registration form, I acknowledge that I (where player is over 18 years of age) / my son or daughter will as a registered player of the Association wear the correct uniform to all games during the season.

  2. By completing this Registration form, I acknowledge and accept that the information provided on the registration form will be used by the club to carry out its normal conduct of club business through administration and communication within the club and its representatives.

  3. Registrations must be accompanied by payment. 

  4. Players must be financial to be covered by insurance. Therefore, the club will prohibit any players from playing who have defaulted on their payment.

  5. Teams are selected from registered players only. 

  6. Placement of players in teams & selection of coaches are made at the Association’s discretion.

  7. Late registrations will be accepted subject to appropriate team vacancies. 

  8. Registration fees will not be refunded except at the Association’s discretion.

  9. If players have been registered with another club within the competition, they must obtain a clearance before playing with Whitehorse. 

  10. As a member of the Whitehorse Mustangs in the capacity as player (over 18 years of age), parent or guardian, I acknowledge that the club will require assistance with various functions, fundraising ventures and competition events whereby I will be expected to volunteer to assist at such occasions from time to time throughout the season (eg: BBQs; Finals events; Presentations; etc).

  11. Players must arrive at training and match venues not less than ten minutes before events.

  12. Parents are responsible for transporting players to and from games, training and club functions. 

  13. Coaches and/or team managers must be advised as soon as possible should a player not be able to attend a game or training session and no later than Thursday night preceding game day.

  14. Parents, Guardians and Players are responsible for the game day/score sheet fee and venue entry fee as set by the EDJBA; this will also include any walkover fees payable by the team if a walkover is given.

  15. Parents and guardians are required to take their turn with scoring, game-day fee collection etc. 

  16. Special Requests -whilst the Association will attempt to accommodate special requests, this cannot be guaranteed, e.g. “cannot train on Thursday”, or “cannot play in games starting later than 1.30 p.m.”

  17. Friendship requests must be noted on both players’ forms and there is no guarantee given for any such request.

  18. I authorise the coach and/or team manager to consent, where it is impracticable to communicate with me, to my child receiving any such medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary. 

  19. I will conduct myself in a sportsmanlike and respectful manner at all times and encourage my family and friends to do likewise.

  20. I will conduct myself within the guidelines of the Code of Conduct for Players, Coaches, Spectators and Officials as provided by the EDJBA and Basketball Victoria when entering any venue.

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