Each team must supply a scorer

  • One person will operate the electronic score sheet on a laptop and the other will operate the electronic scoreboard.

The two scorers should help each other.

  • The Scoreboard person can assist by calling out the numbers of players who have goaled or fouled
  • The Score Sheet person can advise the Scoreboard person if the scoreboard is out of synch with the scoresheet

In close games do not leave the score desk until the Referees have signed off

  • There have been cases where the score sheet and score board are out of synch resulting in a draw or a reversal of the end result – the scoresheet always has precedence over the score board.
  • The referee may need to clarify a score which could have a significant effect on the final game outcome.
  • Teams may not become aware of a reversal until results are posted on the EDJBA website which is too late.

Scorers are Officials of the Game

  • Scorers are considered to be “Officials” and should take their responsibility seriously by not overtly barracking and must never criticise, question or argue with the Referees
  • Referees can ask scorers to be replaced and in extreme cases, a Team Technical Foul can be paid against the scorer's team, or the scorer can be asked to leave the stadium.

Electronic Scoresheet Guidelines

The EDJBA have created the following scoresheet guidelines based on your role.

Team Manager Guidelines - confirming player list prior to game start (To avoid delays, Team Managers should be ready to do this as soon as the Referee's have closed the previous game)

Scoresheet Person Guidelines - how to add goals, fouls, add timeouts, adjusting errors 


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